Rescue A Bait Dog Dumped In Container At Shelter with many old and new wounds covering her head

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Rescue A Bait Dog Dumped In Container At Shelter with many old and new wounds covering her head

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June H. says:

UNREAL! I hope Bunny got plenty of pain medication.

Freda Childress says:

I have a great idea! Find the dog fighting places around this country, and execute all of the damn people there, because, it might be a felony, but that does not mean that those pieces of crap will get really harsh sentences and heavy fines!!!!!! The dogs can be rehabilitated, but the people don't want to stop being evil, so that is why executing these scum could solve a big problem. When any animal is made to fight another animal for the amusement of people, then it is time for those foul, ruthless pieces of trash to get punished.

Judy Hughes says:

Would you share an update for us? SOON. PRAYERS. & GOD BLESS HER WITH FULL RECOVERY.

S.T Browne says:

"Hell is waiting" for those "ALL those abusers."
I hope it's "sooner" for "every one of them" that are involved in this revolting activity.

BJ Martin says:

Please give us updates on her recovery. She's a beautiful dog. Breaks my heart that people are so cruel to animals. The authorities need to find the perpetrators and punish severely. Too bad the law doesn't allow the perpetrators to receive the same abuse they bestowed on these loving animals that The Most High created. If the law would allow this, people would think twice before abusing animals.

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