China a plus for the global economy?

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Cornerstone Macro co-founder Nancy Lazar on U.S. trade talks with China, the state of the markets and the outlook for the U.S. economy.


jerry daniel says:

China superpower #1 can't defeat !! Huaweis # 1 in world USA hated it

Walt Stogner says:

China sucks

crashweaverda says:

Sorry this is a waste of time just like the 70s with Japan. Smoke and mirrors.

Freedom isn’t FREE says:

Anyone that says a Massive Trade Deficit with China is Good for America ,are invested up to their Traitorous eyeballs in China…All they care about is their own wallets…Not America…..

ONYOUR6 says:

HELL NO! the chicoms are not a PLUS for the global economy…..they'er a thieving national security threat.


Why does the MSM still blame the usa economy for the imminent civil war against Xi's 5 failed domestic policies?
How many people understand the tariffs were created to distract the chinese people away from their economic collapse?
When will the people in the usa understand the reason for their needless perpetual wars?

Jaiber Porras says:

Liar, a recession is looming

china bad says:

China has only lies, fraud and theft. China has bribed and controlled key players in most industries in the United States, ultimately destroying American democracy and freedom.

Oliver☆Miles says:

why a thumbnail with missiles?

Leonard Wong says:

Keep diversifying the globe, diversifying your products. USA will do well.

Shadow says:

2020 Trump Make America Greater.

holoholo haole no ka oi says:

nancy lazar is one smart cookie

Paulão says:

Fuck Hollywood Oscar's leftist

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