U.S. Military Build-up on Russia Border – Days after Putin’s ‘Mock Invasion’ Drills Revealed

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The US has ramped up its military response to Russian aggression, with plans for a permanent military base in Poland – and a rapid build of tanks along Vladimir Putin’s border.

The US is hitting back at Russian aggression with a terrifying military build-up, according to lead allies of the Trump administration. Earlier this week, the US struck a colossal £320million deal with Poland to set up a ballistic missile system in the country – with rockets capable of striking targets within Russia. At the same time, incredible images this week showed US battle tanks arriving in Poland on the border with Russia ahead of one of the world’s biggest ever military drills.

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Anonimous 3 says:

God bless the USA from the UK

Arved Ramphul says:

Go to hell putin u r not stalin who would never have tolerated nato s approach to russia border. Stalin would have blown all the military installation and build up of nato .

NIkola Vukicevic says:

Don t poke the bear you will regret just like Hitler & Napoleon

NIkola Vukicevic says:

America & NATO will LOSE against Russia

Nonov Urbuzines says:

The USA are the bad guys in todays world

Nonov Urbuzines says:

Russian aggression? You mean their attacks on Syria, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ukraine? Shame on Russia for overthrowing the elected Ukrainian govt, and forcibly putting in a NAZI friendly govt. Shame on Russia for winning a vote in Crimea after Ukraine threatened them.

Cephas Dlamini says:

United to flash out the Taliban they’ve failed to achieve their goals, to deal with Russia they will fail dismal.

Fidel Lledin says:

Nussachoko, you're a friend of the communist.

pilotdave1000 says:

Just fight already. This is getting boring.

MorT says:

Российские агрессоры? Это говорит США, которая вооружала террористов Игил, у которой по всей планете стоят военные базы, которая вторглась в Ирак, Афганистан, Вьетнам, бомбила Югославию и сейчас хочет устроить гос.переворот в Венесуэле. Вы не путайте кто агрессор в этом мире. Россия никого не трогала и не трогает, это мирная страна, с мирной политикой
Все наши военные, новые технологии и техника связана с безопасностью нашей страны от США

K says:

Who the hell comes up with this (Russian aggression) it must be so annoying to have Russia move its borders next to the US and nato, yes so much aggression from Russia, The US goverment and nato need to go and shit in there own back yard.

Vertie says:

Funny how Russians seem so scared shitless of USA, always whining like babies when USA does military manouvers

Keise Hashi says:

I love USA but they will lose Russia if they fight because of luck of information

Teo George says:

US war mongers

Monroe Godette says:

The Russians are confused why Trump is acting this way . Afterall, the whole world knows Trump & Putin are boys !!!! He he

Kathy Stathopoulou-Can says:

Polish dogs take them to the vet put em down

ales wittek says:

Do you here what are you saying?!
Russian aggression!!??? US military on on Russian boarder and you are talking about Russian aggression. Are you crazy!!!!?

al ezry says:

Finally..rusia on target!

ptsd and me 47 hensley says:

Boom. Goodbye troops

Eric Tucker says:


Ronny Boss says:

I don't have a beef with Russia, I've got friends there and they are very nice ppl. The majority of them are, just like us here in the US. All this is just saber rattling by both sides. Stay awesome guys, and have a great week

ShRooM FL1PZ says:

Putin can tongue punch my fart box! Lick the bridge of my ass. I'll take a big steamy shit on the tip of you're grave.

xD00MxFL1PZ was Here!

Daniel Gallardo says:

Russia will prevail…

Dj Genius says:

This gonna happen soon, you dont hear this on CNN

Sicko Twist says:

Russia is ALWAYS trying to look tuff by doing something that is not really doing anything. I don't think Russia could be stopped from concurring the small nations around them! or keeping them either! But it would be the opposite of profitable!

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