Russia forced to DESTROY S-400 missiles after China shipment DAMAGED in English Channel

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Russia forced to DESTROY S-400 missiles after China shipment DAMAGED in English Channel

AN ENGLISH Channel storm forced Russia to destroy billions of dollars worth of brand new long-range missiles, it has been revealed.
Sergei Chemezov, CEO of state-owned Rostec, confirmed part of a shipment of $3billion worth of S-400 system anti-aircraft missiles had to be broken up after a vessel transporting them to China got caught in a storm last year, however the incident has only just come to light. Mr Chemezov revealed the loss at the IDEX 2019 military exhibition in the United Arab Emirates and said Russia would still honour the contract by replacing the missiles with new ones. Speaking at a press conference, the lieutenant-general said: “The contract had been signed a long time ago.”
Mr Chemezov added: “The shipment would’ve been carried by now, but regrettably, the ship that was carrying the missiles was hit by a storm.
“We were forced to eliminate all those missiles to make new ones instead.”
The ship left the port of Ust-Luga near St Petersburg last March and was caught up in a storm in the English Channel while carrying the missiles to China.
Two other ships completed their journey successfully.
China’s total order amounts to six regimental units comprising at least 128 missiles.
Strong winds forced the ship to pitch and roll causing holding equipment for the missiles to break, severely damaging the cargo.
New missiles are now being constructed in Russia and will be sent to China when built.
Russia hopes to complete the delivery of the remaining missiles by the end of 2020.
Mr Chemezov confirmed to Aviation Week defence editor Steve Trimble some 40N6 missiles, which have a range of 400km, were involved in the incident.
Nicknamed “Triumf”, the S-400 is one of the most sophisticated surface-to-air missile systems ever developed.
It can shoot down up to 80 targets simultaneously, ranging from small drones to large aircraft and needs four vehicles to work together.
The first, a lorry carrying a giant radar, is used to track long-range objects.
A second and third command vehicle and engagement radar assess specific targets before sending an order to a launch vehicle which carries the missiles.

In 2014 China became the first foreign power to purchase Russia’s S-400 missile technology, which has since be sold to both India and NATO member Turkey.
Ankara placed an order for the S-400 system against US warnings.
Washington said the missiles are not compatible with NATO’s systems and wanted Turkey to order its Patriot weaponry instead.
India’s consignment of 320 missiles was valued at $5billion.

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M ZAKRIA says:

US Military News & Videos

Doug Reed says:

There all getting ready for war Turkey is playing us. They switched sides

Arnold Davis says:

Rip off deal

Danny Sema says:

US fake crap report

grim reaper says:

They must have been drunk sailing lol Russia and china right next to each other

Nigel Hedley says:

… so what?

Jim Hu says:

Bogus news ! The two countries are land linked.

abukamoon says:

Should have fired them toward Israel.

Mohamed Ali says:

Fake News what happen 2 land border

Jason Tang says:

Your channel name already betrayed your purpose. You are clearly a hatred. Well hatred gonna hate. Go ahead because only stubborn will keep this news in their mind haha

Pon Kewmanee says:

Fuck u China

Chin Feng says:

All Chinese curses bad karma more suffering for China more problems going face until withdraw from Pakistan syatan until no peace for China

James Stanley says:

God would not allow them to pass through Brutish waters,

DIgitusSmartas says:

I don't believe electronicaly generated voice that narates generic compiled bulshit.

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