President Vladimir Putin Threatens To Retaliate If U.S. Deploys New Missiles In Europe | TIME

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Russian President Vladimir Putin sternly warned the United States against deploying new missiles in Europe, saying Wednesday that Russia will retaliate by fielding new weapons that will take just as little time to reach their targets.
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President Vladimir Putin Threatens To Retaliate If U.S. Deploys New Missiles In Europe | TIME


aslı aa says:

vladimir eğer kahverengigozlensi ameliyatını bebekken yapıldığını gözlerimi açarak bulursan uykumda bana i n a n i r s i n a i l e m u v e y

aslı aa says:

vladimir bebekken gözlerime yapılan kahverengigözlensi a m e l i y a t i m i n yaşım büyüdüğünde açıldığını o g r e n d i m gozlerimin altından başka renk cikiyo


Union of Sinners and Assholes.

Ricky Tefe says:

Propaganda………….. needs to look tough. Looks weak to me.

Jesse He says:

thumb down for the annoying logo.

Next Supermodel Teen Ph says:

Star of Bethlehem appears in 2029. Search "end of the world 7 secrets"

Daniel Yamanaka says:

Se pudesse diria !!
Vc serve ao povo antes não a bandeira povo russo merece tudo de bom pôs deu vida até pelo povo do Senhor ao lado de seu rival que nada mais que irmão !!
Eu Creio pois pensa num país que o mal tento destruir mais oração do povo justo russo não deixo !!
Já a Alemanha basto um meia boca para levar um país a vergonha miséria para ser trevas !!
Mais Criador está à frente nunca desampara oração do justo!!!
Eu tenho fé que Senhor tocou coração do povo russo assim nunca um líder viverá para levantar exército contra seu próprio Senhor Criador povo de boa oração Rússia ❤️❤️❤️

6DeadlyVenoms says:

You covered up what he was saying you complete idiots.

joseph Reed says:

Additionally God allow me to cross a man right on YouTube a Believer who was given direct words from God and I didn't tell you what the message was the time of Jacob's trouble is here and because you did not turn from your way I will pour out my raft upon you he also mentioned that the attacker will Blindside America that would be Russia which is Ben Baird Daniel chapter 7 and that it will only take an hour however the remnant Will Survive but you have to seek him that's what's going on I know because I wanted one instead issued eight years of warning on this and then well-versed on these hairy events down to the covert activities happening in American cities and that does not count Yellowstone Cascadia New Madrid South Carolina folk and multiple other things for the recent increase in Fireballs which will continue to increase as Jesus meant frequency and intensity of all the events everyone must drop your fear do what God tells you to do I don't need to elaborate you see it for yourself and I live in a tent as we speak it's not a big adjustment the big adjustment is going to be the activities of others who saw and not the will of God I'm prayerful because Unity is a must at this point so you must separate from your distances you are separated from your battles with one another and you must Unite

joseph Reed says:

As one who knows as a Watchman and if the tritad season of goddess almost over with one more blood moon March 21st and neither were in season of God as Nibiru positions itself for the post if I'm Isaiah 24 verse 1 physical what is preparing itself is affirmative Jeremiah 50 Jeremiah 51 Isaiah 47 Isaiah 13 Revelation 18

infamous4141 says:

They wont. Why? Because it's either we both die in a nuclear holocaust or we fight like normal pple and they dont have the resources for a long war or even a short war of what the US will throw at them, it's scary to think that a poor country in a military sense (besides nukes) will do this again to please North Korea

dantopper123 says:

How can he actually call usa a threat when russia is guilty of political espionage? Its been know that they will infiltrate a government and destroy it from the inside out and turn it into russian territory. And probably still pretty pissed that a group of russian mercs got their asses handed to them by the united states armed forces defending an oil refinery in the middle east. Alright no one is clean but can we cut the bullshit?

The Cave All Strayed Up says:

Minnie Mouse: “Oh, no, Mickey, Putin said he has a great big gun.” Mickey: “That never happened before, Minnie.” More mark to market manipulation. Where's modern salvation from slavery stories? There’s a lot of good people out there, yet, we are confined, by the media, to the auspices of Vladimir Putin and his endless stream of political clowns and puppets who, at best, have graduated to director of this three-ring-circus with two heads known as the American political system that I refer to as the Pity Party. It is because our greedy leaders and capitalists are leading us to the kind of slavery that subjugates vast populations beginning by depressing the crap out of us with repetitive psychological water-boarding.

Why don't they put all this kind of news in an Excel document and post it on Facebook, so, we can have more info on good people that are fighting for freedom for everybody. They could just put a date in the category of threat or statement type they make with links to the info and a note as to whether there is any progress and another row for level of progress or regress.

Six feet Under says:

I would listen to the man if I were Trump

Daniel Paul says:

Putin, how about you and all these old scum bags with no term limits, go somewhere far away from all people, and stick those nukes up that ass. Don't threaten anyone. Midget.

Roxana Mocanu says:

ditamai sobolanu

is everybody in * says:

he doesn't sound very masculine when he talks thats for sure

Ray Lars says:

Watch how Russians drive cars and run into everything like blindfolded rats at 35 mph … and we are supposed to be concerned about the accuracy of a missile that moves at 7500 mph …stick to Your Karate Putzin

Musings from the John says:

Putin already restarted arms race years ago, it is time for the USA to understand that and act accordingly.

doo du says:

who remembers call of duty MW3 intro

The View From The South says:

Now, everyone play nice. We got a lot more Marvel movies coming out!!!

Joe Recruit1 says:

So we want to put missiles next to Russia which would be the same as Russia putting missiles in Cuba, Mexico, and Canada. We need to quit being bullies. Our leaders play with our lives. They can go to bunkers and planes and be protected we can't.

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