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Paul Andersen introduces the topic of Biology. He covers each of the four main ideas that were developed by the College Board. These ideas revolve around the concepts of evolution, free energy, information and systems.

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Doug DoesIt says:

Interesting, but respectfully, your definition of Evolution is wrong.  Evolution is, and has always been about, the rise of a new species out of a lower species over time, mutation -selection, and chance (luck).  Everyone would have already agreed that many variations exist within a species.  That is no news.  The news was that Darwin thought these could become an entirely new species.  Your illustration regarding the peppered moth does not apply to evolution.  Prior to the soot pollution in Europe, dark colored moths were already present.  In fact, those moths had 5 various shades from dark to light, with and w/out spots.  All variations inter-bred with each other.  During the time of the worst pollution, the survivability of the darker shades was obviously advantaged from predators.  It doesn't take much of a scientist to predict that.  That is why all armies decided to go with camo uniforms. . . Post pollution the population has rebalanced, based upon genes that were all present for as long as the moth has been observable.  To have true evidence of evolution, you need a clearly articulable transitional organism in a state of mutating into a completely new species.  Pepper moth with bird wings for example.

Who me? says:

im already tracer

Tanda Maxwell says:

Great video, i loved it!

Gordon LI says:

Thank you, Mr. Andersen, I passed my Clep biology test by watching your videos.

Phantom Viper says:

this guy is a real teacher i think

Riemann Geometry says:

Can you give me your email

Zi Rong says:

Well done hope you get 1K likes soon! 🙂

uhhlexiiz says:


Murat Hunoğlu says:

Do not call yourself Mister please. It is a shame.

SimpleFaith ForAll says:

The Intelligent Designer (God) made a fantastic creation in so many details right down to subatomic levels and beyond our understanding.

Red Falcon says:

thankyou for this information

Aiden 22 says:

Can he be my teacher mine is boring and confusing

Sven Schneider says:

Mr. Anderson, We've been expecting you

Vandyke280 says:

well boys…. finals are here get out there and MAKE ME PROUD!!

Alexandra Bagby says:

heyy so i was told to watch this bc i get bored easily and this will hold my attention but it didn't . prob great info but really boring. 'yawn'

penguann2 says:

welll, i should start cramming…may 9th is only a week away

Biology Zone says:

hi nice presentation in this channel plz subscribe us too 🙂

M Ali says:

I just graduated with a degree in Biology and you were a huge contributor to that! Thank you.

Daniel Garcia says:

i have a question. biology will help me to get into medical school?

Andra Kaper says:

Where can I order an essay?

Mariam says:

This was very helpful to keep track of why we are studying something and how it all fits in. Thank you for this overview.

Blanca Valdez says:

Is biology science

Ford Davis says:

mrrrrrrrrrr andddeeeeeeerrrrrrsssssoooooonnnnnn xD sorry had to do it

Christina M says:

Hello, Mr. Anderson!  I just finished taking my biology Praxis (a teacher certification exam–not sure if you have this one where you're from), and passed because of YOUR VIDEOS!!!  I just wanted to drop by to thank you for taking the time to create and post these incredibly helpful videos.  You are an amazing educator, and an inspiration to me.


Noella Kanozayire says:

Could you make a video from a biblical standpoint?

Cooper Gleeson says:

I actually understand the concept of biology now. Thank-you very much mate much appreciative.

MrAlien911 says:

Can you turn a broom into a FAMAS?

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