The flu vaccine: explained

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What is the flu vaccine? The flu vaccine protects you from getting influenza viruses which can give you a high fever, runny nose, sore throat, muscle pains, headaches, coughing, sneezing, and exhaustion.

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Josh Gummett says:

Not sure if this has been brought up yet, but (at least in Canada) even an anaphylaxis reaction to eggs does not contraindicate the vaccine as there have been 0 cases of egg being hypersensitivity trigger due to the miniscule amount of egg protein left in the final product.

Jonathan Hughes says:

Don't do shots
Use this: It is good Chiropractic. Upper Cervical Specific only Chiropractic. Upcspine, Nucca. Thespecific, Upper Cervical Health Centers. Wait 4 – 5 days after an accident. Be evaluated now to prevent future problems.

Scik D8 says:

I’m allergic to eggs but I eat them everyday and nothing happened, maybe me eating the first time it gave me pain bu after a month I can eat eggs normally

Andrew F says:

US government has paid out $billions in compensation for disability, death and suffering caused by vaccines and the US Supreme Court ruled vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.

Joyne Freedom says:

What is the likelihood that any person in the US with adequate nutrition, hygeine, housing, clean water, and social support would die of the flu without a vaccine? Less than one in 100 million.

Andrew F says:

You forgot the bit about aluminium, mercury, viruses and dna from aborted foetuses in vaccines, not to mention the debilitating neurological diseases they cause such as ME, MS and autism.

Emangelino says:

Great data, thanks for sharing!

Katy Hayward says:

Got my flu jab at the beginning of October, week an half later I caught the flu. It can take up 2 weeks to take affect in your body, and in this case i was unlucky enough to catch it lol. Ending up developing into pneumonia too but despite this I would definitely recommend the flu jab!

yisus of lare says:

could you make a series of videos providing information on vaccines? nowadays theyre needed more than ever, and your videos are so user freindly and wonderfully explained and well researched that they could really make a diference

PaulH says:

Vaccines cause A u T i S m

Dumb Genious says:

Goddammit Debby

geph c says:

Thanks Debbie.

Dr Dyar says:

I have egg allergy ( feels bad )

MK says:

has no one considered that by giving millions of people weakened virii you are actually increasing the probability of new mutations, which would then require more vaccines.. and who profits from that?

Am13ica Kouw says:

Your videos keep me interested in medicine.

Legendaryboy98 says:

"BuT VacCinEs CauSe aUTism"

Asari Kije says:

Can you do something about flu shots and development of peanut butter or other nut allergies!?

layal mounem says:

You are always amazing ♡

Cameron Alexander says:

The more donuts you can eat… I think…

K K says:

Sadly Pharmaceutical companies are the script writer's of med school curriculum.

Muslm Alaa says:

Thank you.. .. You are the best

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