HOW TO START AN ONLINE STORE + how i started a business at 22

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Here is everything you need to know about starting an online store/ starting your own business. I am 22 years old and started my own business and want to tell you everything you want to know!

I talk about:
1. What inspired me to start an online store
2. How do you start?
3. How do you find the clothes for an online store?
4. How much money do you need to start an online store?
5. How do I do the marketing for my online store?
6. What is the hardest and most rewarding part about starting an online store?

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Angel Gal12 says:

Ok?……….Well thank you for waisting 20 Min of my life,… You didnt even talk about what website or program you used to get your online store up and running?,….. Pretty much the whole Video was all about you?… Not wanting to help anyone else otherwise you would v shown us step by step how to do it,…

Kati Clarke says:

so inspiring! I started my business at 22 as well, so I can relate to literally everything you're talking about! everything about this video is on POINT xx 🙂

unicornsxferrets says:

You are so adorable and inspiring 🙂 yay girl power! Thanks for all of your advice!

Sheika Harris says:

Do you ship your products from your store out yourself?

Miraude Rose says:

It is good you are making money online with your story but I will be able to give more valuable content to your channel contact me. Miraude Rose LLC

Paul Rivera says:

Sometimes you can order every so often and store your items in your closet or some storage. That way you will for sure have different sizes.

Paul Rivera says:

Maybe if you call each wholesaler right after you order and tell them that you just ordered a large shipment, and ask them if they can give you a variety of sizes.

Paul Rivera says:

You were smart to go solo. Are you still friends with those who previously wanted to go into biz with you?

Corrine Ann says:

im only 15 and just found your channel and you are the exact image of what I wanna be in 7 years! owning a boutique and being productive independent busy & successful! you are also gorgeous!

Miss Pouloune says:

Thank you Natalie, this video is so helpful.

I'm am making crowdfundind to fund my first start-up, Please contribute and claim your perk.
Thank you!
Here's the link:

Mary Angelese says:

You look like Veronica on riverdale like maybe her little sister

Debbie Doll says:

I'm about to start my own…check me out @malkia.debbie on instagram ❤

csauls says:

Thanks for this advice! I started my business January 14th. Find me @candi.chanell

Katelyn Tans says:

My question is do you receive the inventory and you send it to customers yourself?! Or do they order through you and that order is sent to the wholesale company and the product is sent from them to the customer? If you send the purchase to the customer yourself, what does that process look like, and where do you keep your inventory?

Arie Gobellan says:

How do you create start the actual online store/ website?

ANYA S says:

impossible to listen tbh

chiara magnaghi says:

im starting mine by just posting the clothes i do, later i will sell. its called @magnaghii you can check it on instagram ♡

Anthony Torres says:

I wanna punch this girl so bad gosh she's annoying

RocknRollDina says:

I love the transparency. Thank you and I wish you all the best 🙂

X class laxxz says:

The reason I’m here is about buying the things I’m going to sell and how to profit

Appetite 4 Chic says:

Very inspiring. Especially since I’m from North Carolina. Loved how informative you are.

Cecelia Cole says:

Hey Natalie! Thanks so much for sharing this info. Did you also use INCFILE.COM to create your business website?

Bianca says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I was just wondering how you approach influencers to advertise and/or be a brand ambassador for your store? What do you look for in an influencer? Do you pay them or organise some kind of agreement?

Gnav eve says:

how did you make your website ?

Her Daily Process says:

Love the video, girl! Can you share the topics/headlines, kind of like a template, for what you personally included in the business plan??

DeenAlIslam says:

how would you ship with an online business if you have a 9-5 job?

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