3 Things To Do Before You Design Anything

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Understanding the creative brief. Blind creative director, @MatthewEncina breaks down the 3 things he does before the pitch process. So you waste less time guessing what the client wants, and more time focused on designing the things that matter. Increasing your pitch win rate.


00:45 – Define the Goal. Diagnose the problem. Narrow your design exploration.
01:08 – How to Define the Goal
02:08 – Diagnose the problem. What is the challenge?
02:32 – Who is the target audience. Why do they care?
02:51 – What’s the message? Key Takeaway?
03:22 – Context. Where and how will it be shown?
04:22 – Narrow your design exploration
04:55 – What are the creative parameters to work in?
05:05 – Defining coded language
05:43 – The most important question to ask: How will you make your decision?
06:46 – Recap
07:36 – Announcement! #ThePitchKit


UPDATE 11/21/16:
The Pitch Kit is now available. Learn more here:

Stop guessing what the client wants. Gain clarity, structure, and know exactly what to focus on in your pitch.


Matthew’s Medium Article “How to Achieve Design Clarity”: https://medium.com/@matthewencina/how-to-achieve-design-clarity-listen-6ea11d584696#.uzjhk59ah

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Vidhi Dhrangdhria says:

Best guide, super learning happening here.. keep on guys.. u all r the best..

R Gutierrez says:

I made the mistake on my first contract job of not asking enough questions and interpreting what I thought they wanted, ended up eating most of the costs of the job, since then I ask and listen, ask and listen, until I feel I have a solid understanding of exactly what they're looking for.

nicholas valcke says:

Mathew, amazing video this has helped a ton. I have one question, what would be an example 1 sentence for a logo? Like "This logo will define the identity our client wants in the most simple and memorable way?" Still seems too broad…curious what you think!

Tom Slater says:

Your videos are as addictive as potato chips – cannot just watch one at a time! One thing on this one though … those cars zipping by through background window are as distracting as f*k. Other than that – thank you Matthew, Chris, et. al. for filling in so many blanks. You guys are amazing.

kersianBW says:

The level of quality in these videos is always top notch!

Marina Papagianni says:

Is this giveaway still going on? I need to get the pitch kit like desperate. I am a rookie with pitching and jobless so I cant afford it 🙁

waetech solutions says:

This is awesome information. I can incorporate this into my web design process. Great job!!

Mishoy george says:

Thank you for the Valuable updates and videos. liked and subscribed.

Shika Cendana says:

u saved my career. shoulder please. to cry on :p

Felipe Teodósio says:

Pretty happy to have Matthew speaking, all of you comrades @TheFutur are awesome.

radokhlebov says:

I feel like I’m late to the party.

Jarred Hoelle says:

Do you guys have an actual creative brief template, maybe a PDF, you use that you send to a client or bring with you to a kick-off meeting?

DuhYash says:

So amazing content here! Can you plz please tell me the Music tune at the End of video – the link is not mention properly in description

Jane Incari says:

Great job! Clear and concise. Thank you, Matthew.

Pranay Tony says:

I always do these!

Diji says:

It's the perfect pitch, on pitching! 🙂

Mike Irizarry says:

Keep em coming

Felipe Mandujano says:

That’s awesome that you mentioned examples most videos tell you what to do but never show examples.

potbotra says:

this was really informative and clear. but maybe im too stoned but i couldn't ignore the mic picking up all the saliva sounds lol. no biggie. thanks regardless

Albert Memet says:

i really liked the content! Its so good to see the things that somebody might assume pulled together and make it into a specific guideline. I definatly can agree with all steps that you said and gonna start to consider more if this guided form, for some other pitches and clients kickoffs, too. Thx for that!

ItsEndy says:

Sounds like an ASMR video with them lip smacking.

Agung Perdana says:

Dude i miss chris so much now

Nel Nieves says:

Not every client knows what they want… I had a client tell me once, "I'll know what it is when I see it but I can't describe it."… What would you do in that situation?

Kilyén Balázs says:

Most people dont know or understand or feel, how useful this video is, because they have no experience in getting an order for work. What i would love to see you talk about next is the essential things you need to kick start as a graphic designer.
For example, do you need to sub or use any pages, like pinterest or artstation, or places where you can sell stuff like deviantart or even better ones. Things you need to buy, like a camera (and what sort of camera) or anything you can think of that is an essential to a decent graphic designer, but is not mentioned usually.

Mike Kaufmann says:

Lol I can see the alpha state of the thefutur website from tothefutur .. com

Raditram says:

Our company lost a pitch despite the client loving it, and we actually won the year before only because somebody came at the last minute offering like 60% off on the fee. That was heartbreaking lol.

Tricia Carr says:

Very clear, concise advice. Great! Thank you.

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