The Mathematics Used to Solve Crime

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Victor Lopez says:

Do an nsa video now for math majors plz.

Tristan Draper says:

Please make a series for Calculus!!

Paulo Eusebio says:

Also doesn't work for serial killer, Ted Bundy.

Paulo Eusebio says:

I don't think this formula works for junkies, methheads, and Floridians.

551223 says:

I refuse to believe a criminology major created that formula lol

عدالة says:

Please keep videos like these up, super interesting

BigGameTommy says:

This video is so interesting!

Kelly Taber says:

My favorite video to date!!

Johnny Hopkins says:

This is a review of my statistics homework. I am studying probability right now as well as support vector machines in my data science course. Very interesting to see and hear.

skycaptain141 says:

Bro just get your math PhD I know you want to.

Harmann Dhaliwal says:

I was hoping to see a video showing the mathematics behind insane crimes

Militant Turret says:

Is there a program available to make a graph like 7:40?

Martin S says:

Please do now a Mathematics used to comit crime

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