State of the Union 2019 and Democratic response in full

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President Trump is delivering his second State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress Tuesday night (a president’s first address to Congress is not considered to be a State of the Union speech). He will be laying out his vision of the country and goals for his administration before an already divided body after being forced to delay his speech amid a partial government shutdown stemming from disputes over border security.

CBSN’s continuous live coverage begins at 5:00 PM, ET, with a special ‘State of the Union’ edition of Red & Blue anchored by Elaine Quijano. At 8:00 PM, ET, Quijano and a panel of CBS News reporters and contributors will preview the speech and discuss the Trump administration’s policies since last year’s address.

At 9:00 PM, ET, watch the State of the Union Address and the Democratic response live. Stay with CBSN as our panel of guests and experts deliver a comprehensive analysis.

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Opie Bennett says:

So we dont get to hear what he is doing for our country but we can hear what's going on with other countries?? Hmmmmm sounds like a Republican to me

forever SHAMPOO says:

4:33:22 got her on that one hahaha didn't really agree with the rest of it though.

Darius Angello says:

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LaRue says:

Time to turn in Your Democrat neighbors! Civil War is Coming and its time for the list of names

virgil northern says:

the debt is now 22 trillion,with yearly tax revenue of approximately 7 trillion,the debt is now 3 years of tax revenue .the hijackers had utility knifes,we got borrowed money to buy guns to fight with.

Harry Dike says:

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Butch L says:

After all the positive notes, here continues the negatives. Is that progress and unity?

Molecular Memes says:

I havent seen this many Democrats in white, since MLK was alive.

TheKingOrso says:

Where is Bernie's response?

pskarnaq73 says:

Does anyone really believe that BS story from that gap-toothed idiot?

JohnFruscianteMarkLa says:


Infowars Re-Uploaded says:

Lol they removed thousands of dislikes. Pathetic.

Infowars Re-Uploaded says:

I guess Democrats don't care about all-time low unemployment for minorities, saving women and children from being molested at the border and rejecting infanticide. I don't need to ask who's side they're on anymore…

Shun Lai Lum says:

Were you talking about the resistant Democrats !

10ft says:

Pelosi and the rest are very sorry excuses for Americans, just saying.

jim bob says:

omg stacey Abrams i see the racism in her eyes

Ron Jon says:

Youtube at it again. They are removing dislikes by the thousands. I’m from Ga. it pains me to think this lady is from the same state I live in and love. She is a racist thank goodness they would not let her count the votes she was caring around in the trunk of her car. Cheating democrats

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