President Donald Trump On Sanders’ 2020 Bid: ‘He Missed His Time’

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President Trump weighed in on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ entrance into the 2020 race for president saying “he missed his time.”
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President Donald Trump On Sanders’ 2020 Bid: ‘He Missed His Time’


James Hopkinson says:

President Twitter enough said

xxxxmimi says:

Wow I cant believe Trump was actually professional and telling the truth here.

Kelly Baumann says:

Trump doesn't have the vocabulary or the intellect to debate Bernie..

ken petersen says:

go trump go!!!!!!!!! 2020

Isaac Casaus says:

Bernie got my vote

Irma Vargas says:

Stupid Trump the worst president I have ever watch on news.

Denis Buckley says:

I love President Trump more than anything in the world and I'm not even an American. I just like him

Patrick Jones says:

Very respectful… unlike Bernie calling Trump a liar… Trump is going to win 2020 hands down! The way he has mostly fulfilled his campaign promises and the way he runs a country is awesome! Trump 2020!

chris says:

trump loves putin lol every country has a wall and security america dont have money

TakeAShowerStinky says:

Should Zack Hample run for president in 2020?

IrishinTX says:

Trump is done. Marsy's Law and the Safe Act are back doors to gun control whereby the accused is guilty until they prove themselves innocent. Idaho, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Florida, South Dakota, and Montana have passed or in the processes of passing Marsy's Law. Montana supposedly ruled Marcy's Law un-Constitutional. All red states with the exception of Illinois and Commiefornia. When Trump said we need to do some thing about the guns, he was not kidding. Trump's comment "come and take it" is pure BS. This law will be abused just like NY's Safe Act and it will cost you tens of thousands of dollars to prove yourself innocent, if you even can, because it kills due process.

This is the worst legislation I have ever read and one that Jussie Smollet is going darn, I should have waited to file a false police report and then sought a protection order against all Trump supporters saying I live in fear.

Number 1, 2, 4 and 6 are all covered under the Federal Victim's Assistance Act.

1. The right to be notified about and present at proceedings.

2. The right to be heard at proceedings involving release, plea, sentencing, disposition, or parole of the accused.

3. The right to be protected from the accused.

4. The right to be notified about release or escape of the accused.

5. The right to refuse an interview or deposition at the request of the accused.

6. The right to receive restitution from the individual who committed the criminal offense.

Americans do not get it, this is beginning of the end of losing all your rights. Now with the Rapid DNA Act passed under Trump, any arrest whether false or legitimate puts your blood in a DNA database. Gee and law enforcement never abuse their power. I have a bridge to sell you. That traffic ticket you ignored or failure to show up for jury duty resulting in a bench warrant is all they need as you hobble into court for jury duty barely able to walk for a lousy $10 bucks, because no matter the personal injury to your body complete with medical records, it is not even listed as a reason for exemption on the jury summons.

The Constitution has been fully shredded! So let all the false accusations continue and let me know how it all works out for you. If you have any inkling your spouse is unhappy with you, run! Run now, because the biggest abuse of the Safe Act has been coming up with grounds for divorce so the spouse can attempt to get alimony, which is seldom granted in no fault divorces. All your spouse has to do is say they fear for their safety in a secret court proceeding for that order of protection. The police will arrest you, confiscate your guns and it takes an act of God along with big bucks to get them back if you ever do. Melania are you paying attention, I'm giving you your out. None of it has to be true and you will pay no consequences for your fraudulent actions, guaranteed.

In the mean time before you ever get to court, you will be broke, your professional license suspended, you'll lose your job, be homeless, family – friends – community will turn against you unless they know for certain you are innocent, and without family you will never be able to get through it. It takes just one lie to destroy you and I have seen it happen.

In the 51 recent false accusations/police reports that we know about, how many false accusers were arrested? None!

Innocent until proven guilty has just been flushed down the toilet to the point not even your attorney can help you. Very sad day in America as Hitler is smiling from his grave.

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