Leonard Susskind – Why does mathematics work? – Differential Equations in Action

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fingerofthomas says:

I know why math works. That is because this world is created by a being who is expert in math, mathematically.

R A says:

It’s still all theoretical…

Hooga says:

The answer is that mathematics is a language and all languages are capable of mirroring reality to a certain extent. It's pretty clear that mathematics is a very precise language, but even it is not perfect as there are plenty of unsolved problems in mathematics.

razbojnik66 says:

I sat there in awe in one physics lecture during university when the professor derived Maxwells electromagnetic propagation just by using differential calculus from simpler laws. My jaw dropped about that beauty!

K B says:

Clever way of piling on rubbish on the innocent. It helps academics pay their keep.

Daniel Schwegler says:

God is her to serve me

ne kilmer says:

"things don't randomly happen."
– L. Susskind

eat it, quantum theory.

Arbiter says:

Well, you can say "mathematics works because X" . . . or "because X, mathematics (or something like it) must work". And what is X (?) X = "reality and consciousness are one and the same".

Khalid Rahmani says:

stop saying "evolved" every time. not everyone is a believer.

Adolf Hitler says:

He's actually talking about mathematics, not from the view point of an ignorant physicist that does not know the subject, but from the view point of a mathematician

Eden Huang says:

why is phisics work?

Anonymous says:

Interesting video
Thank you

Goku17yen says:

because we made it to work, it is literally what we see and define it as it is and just extrapolate the other math from this which holds the property of still working as the basis being defined is correct, math is a human construct based off of physical truths that builds upon itself

Official KJR says:

“evolution did this to us”
the least convincing state ever

Steve Phillips says:

I can imagine subdimenions in 3 dimensional space, but is that any use?

The Vitruvian Man says:

We can't visualize more dimensions.
This is where materialistic science fails and mysticism arrives. Now you sit down and listening to Pythagoras etc.

MF R says:

V and w how exciting. He puts things in simple way

anoniem always says:

The Vidas.> Thats the Answer.> Chant for thousands of years, at that time whites an others llived in caves.

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