Astronomy with Finlarg, Part 4: The Astronomy behind Astrology

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One of the things which got me intersted in astronomy all those years ago was a wish to find out if any of this astrology and horoscope business was true. In this video, I describe some of the basic astronomical phenomena which help to give an understanding to what I think is the more interesting side of astrology.

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Sisters of Isis says:

OK for a childrens class but you're years behind for an advanced class.

James Lee says:

astrologers have been telling people about axial procession for thousands of years. alot of people who study aatrology know that horoscopes are BS but the signs are seasonal not based on the constallations which they were assigned to in the age of Aquarius. Astrology is the mother of astronomy and most people still dont understand either.

donthaveone donthaveone says:

I am the boogie man!
I can to open your eyes!

Mam Amheus says:

As you were speaking about the likelihood (or rather its lack of) of star signs meaning anything, I automatically flashed back to Carl Sagan – and then you played precisely the clip I remembered! Again a fascinating video from which I learned, so thank you very much. Please reconsider doing more. I know this is a small channel but it deserves so much more, and definitely more views. I'm sure that more astronomy would help (though I may be a tad biased…)

soorej mg says:

Good one!. Actually the One sign difference that you mentioned is covered in eastern astrology. means April 15 to may 15( roughly) is actually aries. We call it 'Meda month' March 15 to april 15 is Pisces etc in real. So what you can do is find out the Zodiac as per the one sign behind rule and then look at the characteristics described for that zodiac

Buzz Werd says:

Astrology comes from the time when the known planets were believed to be GODS in their Heavenly Spheres.
The effect of Mars is supposed to be due to the personality of the God of War.
Saturn is supposed to give you intellect.
The Constellations are supposed to be cohesive things causing effects.

Astrology is personalities on crystal spheres and flat Earth thinking.
It also makes a dandy excuse for justifying whatever you want with babbletalk "backed up" by and associated to pretentious measurements of objects beyond reach.
What is Jupiter doing today? That's why you must do something for me, of course.

David C says:

You attribute beliefs to astrologers which they probably don't hold so you can laugh at them – eg that they think distant stars affect us when, as I understand it, modern astrologers focus principally on the star and planets of our own solar system. However you don't seem interested in any statistical correlation between the predictions of astrologers and the lived experiences of their subjects which is where science should start isn't it? – from an observed reality to a theory to explain it. Not by ruling out observed reality because you haven't got a theory to explain it. I don't say it's easy to identify such a correlation but as you find the subject just too funny to take seriously you haven't even looked
The bias in your video is evident; the science not so much. It was quite entertaining though and very succinct on what the zodiac signs represent in relation to the movement of the earth round the sun, so thanks. 

Michael O'Connor - Astrologer says:

This is a classic case of apparent objectivity masking a massive bias. This man has no real interest or understanding of how Astrology or even Horoscopes work at all. He is not an intelligent thinker, just an apparently educated parrot. If you study  Astrology with any sincerity it will reveal many remarkable and useful insights that help people make important decisions. Poking a stick at it like this is not science, it is inquisition.  Many who claim to be scientists assume that their perspectives are purely objective,, but they certainly are not. Their perspective is conditioned and is therefore biased. To truly understand how Astrology works one must be open to metaphysics. Scientists look upon metaphysics as bunk because they are religious about their science. The scientific method is a paradigm which presents one approach to knowledge and truth but it is certainly not the only one. The paradigm of science can basically be interpreted as materialistic. So, if you want to disprove Astrology avoid this classic mistake of approaching it from the outside looking in, as we see here. Rather, approach it with the respect it deserves which includes learning how it works then applying your knowledge. This would present a truly integral approach to deciphering if it 'works' or not. PS Many who have taken this approach have become Astrologers themselves because they learned that yes it indeed is valid.

Alessandro B says:

So, are you a dragon killed by the goddess Minerva and tossed into the sky upon his defeat? The dragon that was one of the Giant Titans, who battled the Olympic gods for ten years?
I'm Orion, the lone hunter, who boasted he could kill any animal n was killed by a Scorpio(n). Which is why Orion is on the other side of the sky from Scorpio (so they don't meet).

finlarg says:

I feel the same way about astrology as religion. Most of it seems like obvious bunk, but I can't dismiss the possibility that some of it was based on reality, but has long been distorted and commercialized.

finlarg says:

Some of that is available at: youtube. com/user/KurdstanPlanetarium

finlarg says:

It's been a while since I made an astronomy video, although I have included some, in a few of my more recent videos.

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