What is 2016 Al-Karak attack?, Explain 2016 Al-Karak attack, Define 2016 Al-Karak attack

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~~~ 2016 Al-Karak attack ~~~

Title: What is 2016 Al-Karak attack?, Explain 2016 Al-Karak attack, Define 2016 Al-Karak attack
Created on: 2019-02-19
Source Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Al-Karak_attack


Description: On 18 December 2016, a series of shootings took place in the city of Al-Karak in southern Jordan. The attack started in the vicinity of Al-Karak where a group of unidentified militants ambushed emergency responders and then moved into the city, attacking police patrols and the local police station and finally seeking shelter in the historic Crusader-era Kerak Castle, a popular tourist attraction. Severe fog at noon hampered police operations. After an attempt by the Jordanian gendarmerie to besiege the castle, the five attackers were killed following the arrival of the elite Jordanian 71st Special Battalion. Although tourists were present, Jordanian authorities stated that there was no hostage situation; tourists were in a different part of the castle and were unable to leave. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack against the “apostate Jordanian security forces”. Terror attacks are rare in Jordan, the country is designated as safe and holds 58th out of 130 in the 2016 Global Terrorism Index.


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