McCabe: I opened FBI investigation into Trump

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Congressional leadership did not object when former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe informed them that the FBI had opened a counter-intelligence investigation into President Donald Trump, McCabe said. #CNN #News


Crimdor says:

“No one objected, not on legal grounds.” Because Obama was still the president at the time and gave the fbi full authorization to do whatever they deemed necessary to make sure trump did not get elected.
They failed.

Giak Q says:

So let me get this straight, Basically everyone that I Know friends and family who voted for Trump are Russian agents?

y2kfraud says:

Deep state traitors best be warned millions of armed citizens back President Trump

michaelthemovieman says:

Assassinate Andrew McCabe. He is guilty of treason. Where's Sirhan Sirhan when you need him?

Dr. Kay says:

I just wonder what Russia has on him?

Darrell Dawson says:

Can we reopen it????

Dave Brown says:

Why didn't he open investigation on migga Obama and crooked Hillary oh i forgot he's part of theit crooked deals

Shydawg hanbowski says:

Why wont yall cover the pedophile sex rings that are being busted by trump you sick scum fucs….that right prolly indicate yourselves

that wasn't.chicken says:

Naw, McCabe, you tried to overthrow a sitting president. You can't lie or spin your way out of it. I hear Leavenworth is nice this time of year.

C&M T says:

Our president is a criminal. He's always been a criminal. Our system is broken.

nmcnmb says:

Odd??? None of these "journalists bothered to raise concerns or ask McCabe some very basis questions about…

McCabe’s ongoing criminal investigation before a grand jury

The role of FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page, who was special counsel to McCabe

The use of the so-called Steele dossier as the primary piece of evidence in the Page FISA application, despite the fact that the information was paid for by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign?

The infamous “insurance policy” text, which references a meeting held in McCabe’s office between McCabe, Strzok, and Page?

The role of Justice Department (DOJ) official Bruce Ohr, who provided information from former British spy Christopher Steele to McCabe and the FBI

The FBI’s sudden attempts at re-engagement with Steele in the days immediately following the firing of FBI Director James Comey

The criminal leak investigation into former FBI General Counsel James Baker?

Oh well…that's CNN Fake News for ya!

Source: Jeff Carlson

Andy Clarke says:

Looks as if the Russian trolls are out in full force in the comments here. Trump is losing it in more ways than one.

Brendo Xd says:

Enjoy prison McCabe. MAGA

mjs1231 says:


YouTube Lover says:

So cum guzzler Lindsay Graham knew?

Doug M says:

LOL CNN loves losers such as McCabe.

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