How Zoology Disproves Noahs Flood

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This is part of a series of videos explaining how different fields of study refute the Noachian deluge. This fifth episode deals with the numerous issues associated with assembling all the animals that have ever lived and holding them in a stone age box for a year.
Cited studies include the Massive collaborative analysis of the Molecular Phylogeny of Carnivora:
a Molecular Phylogeny of Living Primates,
a site depicting the lack of genetic diveristy in cheetahs,
and a slightly uncomfortable study of the evolution of human head lice from chimpanzee body lice, and human pubic lice from gorilla lice.
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Nathalie F. says:

You are denying God's existence because you want to live in sin, believing you won't face the consequences.
Your arguments make no sense because all the evidence we need is in the Bible.

You have all been bamboozled.
This is just what my family says to me every time religion comes up.
Great video, subscribed.

hotrodroy111 says:

Well, Aron, the Bible clearly says that prior to the Flood animals were herbivores. If you don't know that, then why are you even on here?

Yarrow 77 says:

Thought you were about to yell at us

vikingskuld says:

wow your missing out on rock carvings that have the same exact patterns on the carving as the dinosaur had in its scales how could man have known the striping and circular patterns on the dino's unless they were there together some where. Evolution doesnt exist dude no way no how especially dna genetically shows way to much difference and most life isnt but A few thousand years old according to the dna changes so all life on earth got bottle necked to almost nothing a few thous years ago. you need to do a lot more research. apes have 48 chromo's we only have 46 so according to evolution we devolved to need less chro's and couldnt come from apes or similar species any way jus genetically not possible we didnt split from chimps and your lie about lice isnt going to cut it either. whats your genetic credentials any way

Jose Sanchez says:

This dude is so deceiving , that's exactly what the bible meant by unicorn the rhino not the unicorn that we think of.

Jose Sanchez says:

More atheist hogwash

Philo Kvetch says:

Thank God for the Atheists! Without Him they wouldn't exist.

PJ says:

If we are supposed to learn a lesson from the flood, why didn't we get a detailed list of the evil things people were doing that made them all deserve to be killed?

Joe Bland says:

Estimates are that there are over 5,000 calories daily that disappear down that garbage chute also known as your muther fucking gullet, you fat, long haired, pole smoking hippie-bastard.

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