Virus Evolution Amazing Documentary Full HD National Geographic Documentary 2015

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Los Lobos says:

@ 18:22 I want to know if the person who misidentified this virus was sacked? Imagine, devoting years and years of your life to the study and accomplishment of one thing, and then when you come across one of the most groundbreaking discoveries, literally right under your nose, you fail to recognise it, because you were either a) incompetent and should not have been there in the first place (which says more about the institute at which you studied and even more about the institute who hired you; b) you were thinking about what you were going to have for lunch or c) you just did not give a shit about your work, thereby highlighting the importance of only striving for a job that you love doing… and having regular meals.

Julian Truitt says:

Some of the animated sequences in this are superfluous and stupid, to the point of being distracting.

King Jordan says:

Anyone got answers to this worksheet

Sachin Pathak says:

cancer cells and virus? genetic therapy is future for controlling all complex health issues like cancer.

Sachin Pathak says:

100% agree. I feel we are alien. first virus came from comet…

shubham chauhan says:

very very nice clip.. so as i think mitochondria might be an ancient virus who invade into simple cell and make it complex and help them to produce engery by themselve

zi the z says:

Stop lying, hiv was discovered in usa in the 80's, coming from homosexuality, so stop trying to spread the lie that it was in Africa from chimpanzees to humans lol

William Cowan says:

bad quality. where can i see this in actual HD?

Rocking Twists says:

all popular youtubers per day 10000000000000 views and these type of vids 25000 views in 4 years

Auggie Domingo says:

could viruses have been the reason there are different races of humans today?

Maritza Lorenzo says:

If ppl stop eating meat the viruses contagion will go down ?

Comunidad GLLA says:

So viruses are add-ons that most of the time are incompatible to us and make us crash.

Tomato Man says:

Gnat-wit Geo at it again with another JUNK "documentary!"

2serveand2protect says:

Can we use viruses to modify communists?

asdf jklö says:

Wow, this is some serious X-Men stuff, lol!

James JAH Avey says:

What do virus need to exist?  so no evolution there.

J Brabec says:

Do virus' mate?

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