Android App Development for Beginners (2018 Edition): Part 1

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Learn how to download and install Android Studio 3.0 on your Mac, PC or Linux computer. This tutorial walks you through getting setup, and explains how to create a virtual device.

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paul rogers says:

Thanks for the tutorial, Daniel!!!!

Jynx says:

whats the difference between Dracula and intelliji ?

V Market says:

Sir, I recently updated to Android Studio 3.3 and I end up with low resolution image preview, can you please help me out.

Syed says:

Could you pls not use 60 fps recording for 1080p. A lot of people need to be able to see clearly, but have a fixed data plan

Quu Read says:

Just learn off of udemy duh

laflugantabastardo says:

Hi Daniel, your description box contains a mistake: "Learn how to download and install Android Studio 3.0 on your Mac, PC or Linux computer". It should be "Mac, Windows or Linux", as Mac(OS) and Linux would be operating systems while PC is the device type that MacOS, Windows and Linux run on. 🙂

Caz Stokes says:

hi I deleted android studio because I was having problems with installing components, now that I have reinstalled it its not working properly, libraries are missing.

Gary Leessang says:

Your video is great for beginners like me. English is not my mother language, but I understood everything you said in the video. Thank you so much.

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