9 Signs Your Phone Has a Virus

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How to tell if your smartphone has a virus? If you think that your phone is your own private zone, you may be very wrong. So far, there is no such device that can’t be hacked. Viruses pose a serious danger to modern smartphones. They can cause such problems as personal data theft, enormous phone bills, and malfunction of different apps. Luckily, there are ways to recognize that a virus has infiltrated your device.

Do you know, for example, that your smartphone isn’t supposed to be hot to the touch? But viruses and worms use your smartphone’s resources, putting a serious strain on the gadget. As a result, infected phones often suffer from overheating.

The battery gets drained much faster than usual 1:18
You experience disruptions during calls 1:56
You notice mysterious outgoing calls 2:30
There are constant pop-ups 3:08
There are unfamiliar apps on your phone 3:46
Your gadget overheats 4:13
Your smartphone uses much more data than usual 4:41
There are mysterious charges on your phone bill 5:22
There are frequent program crashes 6:07
The most common smartphone viruses 6:50
How to protect your gadgets 9:25

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– If you begin to notice that the battery of your smartphone depletes faster than before, the device may be infected with a virus or malware.
– If your calls often drop or you have strange disruptions during conversations, this should ring alarm bells.
– You should be suspicious if you start to notice outgoing phone calls you didn’t make or texts you didn’t send. If no friend or family member used your phone, the chances are high that your gadget is infected with a virus.
– In most cases, constant ads and pop-ups appearing on the screen are sure signs of a smartphone virus. You probably downloaded an app with adware on your gadget.
– A very common sign of a virus is the appearance of unfamiliar apps on your phone. You know for sure that you haven’t installed them, but they do exist.
– If your smartphone is infected with a virus, you might spot a noticeable increase in data usage. A malicious bug can use the data source of your gadget to send out information and show pop-up ads.
– An enormous phone bill is a sure sign that your smartphone has caught a virus. Some malware sends out a huge number of messages until you’re left with a significant phone bill.
– If a game you’re playing on your smartphone suddenly crashes for the first time, it’s suspicious. But if this starts to occur repeatedly, something has definitely gone wrong.
– A Trojan virus can uninstall apps on your gadget or make your phone send expensive texts.
– Worm is typically spread with the help of text messages. The worst part is that it doesn’t need any interaction with a user to be activated.
– Ransomware disables a gadget and makes its owner pay ransom to regain control over their phone.
– Don’t let your device download any apps until you enter a password.
– Install a good anti-virus. Free inbuilt programs aren’t bad, but they aren’t really effective. If you use the internet on a daily basis, you should have a professional anti-virus.

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Hey there, have you ever suspected your phone of having a virus?

mr mystery says:

I do remember when my iPhone 4 , I still have it , but it takes like 24hours to charge 24% and sometimes when it is fully charged , it gets down from 100% to 24% ¿¿¿

Jonny boy 448 says:

My phone dies fast

Reagan's Chin says:

I have unlimited data. Also I don't have a virus

InstantGamer531 says:

How about how to get rid of a virus plz do that video

My Artastic Life says:

1day my phone glichd me out of you tube and spits at me

SuperPhanom says:

I am not turning on my bluetooth though

Kamilah Melendez says:

The thumbnail phones look the same

Annette Hyman says:

my tablet too

Bantsy says:

In my storage it just says “other” and it’s 36 gigs

Entertainment Channel says:

I once got trojan

Entertainment Channel says:


Pumpkin Head says:

For the first thing. You're phone battery can just be bad. Stop misinforming people.

YTSomeoneSb Somebody says:

I almost got a virus on my phone so one day I was on my phone I got bored so I was watching something and I got a pop and it said we scanned this website it had 39 viruses you have 2 minutes to get out and that’s it

Kyrayman says:

I have popups but it is from "peel remote"

Lewis Elvin says:

I don't think you know how virus's work

Insta: Joey_Lngo says:

My old phone must have had a virus, it had almost all these “symptoms”

Impossible Stars says:

I have so many viruses..

Kevin Sosa says:

When it over heats is it because it has a fever?

MoMoSavageLife says:

9 signs that ur a clickbait channel

Just Mika says:

Wait but if ur screen is very bright then ur battery will drain very quickly

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