EVERY DUNK From the 2019 NBA Dunk Contest! | 2019 NBA All-Star

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Check out every high-flying dunk from the 2019 NBA AT&T Dunk Contest!

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Bc Dream says:

это было круто


Vince carter would have won this using only 1 dunk!!!


gordon vs lavine killed any future dunks for the time being

Unknown Entity says:

y'all really need to make the dunk contest into a HORSE like contest because the current format is stale.

Michael Beyer says:

Been wanting to see the actual best dunkers in the league be in the dunk contest

Daniel Lewis says:

Like pretty much all these dunks were safe dunks man. only electrifying dunk was the one over the big aristotle

Anthony Sabio says:

Zion will save the dunk contest next year.

Eksdie says:

I wanna see Vince Carter.. one more time

John Dzalbe says:

Glad that i seen the highlits only and didn't waste my time watching full dunk show. When you see those crazy dunks on internet and then watch this it just does not feel right. Sad tho

Fact 6435 says:

Diallo just got more famous

Trent Sione says:

Ever since 2016 ended the dunk contest has been sorta average really.

[-O-] NT Originated says:

Horrible dunk contest !! Gordon & lavine battle put so much expectations on peoples mind ,that an average dunk contest still isnt good enough.

xANTIVIRUSx Hatyaiz says:

Who is your best dunk ?

Fresh says:

lmao where was Terrence Ferguson

M4X1M Goltz says:

If Dennis would have made bis dunks he won easily

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