Insys executives used rap video to push sales of potentially lethal opioid

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A newly released video is raising questions about Insys Therapeutics, a company at the center of a criminal investigation stemming from the nation’s opioid epidemic. Former executives and managers for Insys are on trial in Boston. They’re accused of bribing doctors to prescribe a highly addictive fentanyl spray. Tony Dokoupil reports.

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whatevashewants says:

Wow these MFs might as well be wearing blackface!

Renee Lacks says:

They just want to put blame on someone. If doctors are dumb enough to be bribed then they dont need to be a doctor. They know what they are doing so lets not put the blame on a company making the drug and stop looking for a way out. Every company has to put their self out there to advertise so this is no different from advertising anything else, just because its a drug is why they are making such a big deal. I mean pharm company's have to advertise too.

jefesalsero says:

He loves titration, yeah it's not a problem. Smh…


They need to be publicly executed!!!!

Enjoy The Silence says:

Some drug dealers are white collar

Derail07 says:

Makes me want to get hight of pain killers right now! Thanks big pharm!

C17H25N FTW says:

Drugs and rap? who would've thought.

John Cuzzourt says:

Two things: This exposes a problem with drug reps and corrupt marketing schemes for pharmaceuticals that goes well beyond opioids. New medicines should be evaluated and continuing education of doctors should occur to allow data and science-based reasoning to drive prescribing practices to help patients best. The system IS broken. BUT
This Opioid Hysteria is causing patients untold unnecessary suffering. There is an over-reaction occurring right now that is making doctors reduce opioid dosages to ineffective levels in many previously stable patients who were deriving a great deal of positive benefit from medications like fentanyl for serious 24/7 pain. I cannot speak to this particular product. But access to life-giving medicines, like fentanyl patches, and many other opioids that actually work better than anything else available for certain patients has been gravely reduced. The DEA has cut production limits and has struck fear into the hearts of pharmacists and doctors. And the result is medication shortages. People in severe pain are struggling to simply fill their legitimate prescriptions. And every month the landscape changes a little more and they suffer more anxiety about whether they will be able to fill even the small amount of medication that doctors are willing to prescribe. Hospitals are struggling to get anasthesia medications they need to perform surgeries.
Media, please try to cover the angle of some of the unintended consequences of the popular narratives about opioids. First, you need to question the sources of the narratives. Be skeptical. Characters like Andrew Kolodny, e.g., are biased and are using bogus and twisted data to make a case against the medical use of practically any opioids.
My main point is that many patients are being harmed by the political and media narratives, and these patients are not being heard.
There will be many more suicides due to pain as this continues. Responsible pain treatment must be allowed to prevent this. And suicide due to pain is hardly the only negative outcome. Many will suffer physical torture as a result, and will have all the mental health problems that come from prolonged torture. As working medications are taken away, they will become totally disabled if they were not already.

Brian Dillon says:

Pure deuchebaggery

To Be Honest says:

Yes, yes, The White Privilege Al-Chapo's

Just say this investigation is "anti-Semitic" 
the whole problem will go away!

Lions of Israel says:

Blame the usa troops guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan

Mollecules75 says:

That's stupid!! Dr.'s are the ones giving prescriptions they are held responsible this stupid rap has nothing to do with it it's obviously a stupid rap has nothing to do with it the doctors are the ones giving prescriptions are we blind!! Lord talk about passing the buck

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