Going Nuclear – Part 6 – Uranium Enrichment

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The previous episodes covered the science behind how nuclear reactions and weapons work, but the real barrier to building a device is the creation of the fissile material. Uranium in its natural form cannot sustain a fast chain reaction, it needs to be enriched to eliminate the non fissile isotopes, and developing this process was one of the largest projects in the Manhattan Project.
This is largely a broad overview, much of the details are classified.

This is Cody’s video on Uranium refining for those interested in the Chemistry:


Rider of A Pale Horse says:

Oak Ridge is a neat place. But, It is a disappointing place to visit. The interesting part is very well hidden.

Ranjit says:

Scott what kinda work do you do, scientist, physicist?, professor.?

Toxis says:

correct me if I'm wrong, but reverse engineering Stuxnet should give you pretty good insights at least into how Iranian uranium enriching centrifuges work? 😉

Cat22 says:

Hey Scott Manly: Given a piece of enriched uranium, how do they tell what percent is U-235?

Hailstorm says:

Just use Kovarex process duh

Brett Chenier says:

Very well done, Scott. I started working at a gaseous diffusion plant in 1990 and went through its shutdown. I have co-workers that worked on Silex and DOE's centrifuge design. Our plant shut down several years ago and we are currently working on D&D.

somthing goeshere says:

after this series, scott was placed on numerous watchlists

Pat Booth says:

The Iramiumn enrichment program eh

dan rayman says:

I feel like NSA is going to show up at my door for watching these lol. All joking aside Awesome job! this series has been fascinating

Donald Sayers says:

Cody's video is gone…

Lessinath says:

Sadly the Codyslab video was removed.

Ryan Taylor says:

Release part 7

Campbell Slee says:

Aussie, aussie, aussie. Hoi, hoi, hoi!

You're Right says:

I’m from Oak Ridge, TN my dad worked at K-25, the plant where they enriched the uranium for the atomic bombs. He also worked at Y-12 where they made the warheads for America’s nuclear weapons. They don’t build new ones anymore. They bring in old ones and refurbish them or take them apart and use the nuclear material in medical equipment. My dad died of cancer when I was 10. Not really surprising considering where he worked. He was a good employee and never breathed a word of what he did at work.

Malcolm L says:

Oh boy if you saw the stock pile of nuclear weapons grade materials my country Australia has that has been building up but “ LoL we don’t have nukes “.

ich ich says:

Will You make a 7th part?

Sergey tinldw says:

It is so hard to watch the Cody's video these days

Richard Pehtown says:

What were the membranes used in the uranium hexafluoride enrichment process made of, and how did they make the very tiny holes in them?

Jaco Vermeulen says:

Seems like the video from Cody is no longer available?

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