Vladimir Putin hits ski slopes in Sochi with Belarus President Lukashenko

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Russian President Vladimir Putin took out Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko for an afternoon of skiing in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi before a series of bilateral meetings between the two leaders which will address “key issues and the prospects for boosting integration processes in Eurasia.”

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lachsack says:

Putin ist ein Ehren Mann. Immer souverän Schuld ist der Trump mit seine Macht Gier nach Öl

TheLiquidgoblin says:

I prefer Putin to trump anyday.

Alan Brown says:

Putin is always kool and the gang whatever he does.

jamais vaincu says:

Putin the despotic subhuman dwarf performs another atavistic wooing ritual with a fellow subhuman git, for even more sickening propaganda! Hit's the ski slopes? What a pity he didn't, preferably with his face!

Леонид М says:

Kremlebots it's here

Itza Cat says:

10 bucks they ski off trail and romp behind a bush.

Jim C. Goodfellas Official says:

Putin always seems to have a bemused look on his face….

I would too, honestly.

Paloma San Basilio says:

❤️The King of the North ~ Putin the Great❤️

Jim C. Goodfellas Official says:

That thumbnail is priceless

Mindsparx says:

Coolest president ever!

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