Mothers’ fury: The cost of challenging Putin – BBC News

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Women in Russia have taken to the streets in support of the political activist and single mother Anastasia Shevchenko, whose daughter died in January while she was under house arrest.

She is the first person to face criminal prosecution under a law on ‘undesirable’ foreign organisations, and faces up to six years in prison if found guilty.

Ms Shevchenko says the Open Russia movement that she belongs to has no link with the group Open Russia UK, which was banned in Russia in 2017 and classed as ‘undesirable’.

Video by Sarah Rainsford and Elizaveta Vereykina

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StephenAndrew777 says:

Putin ought to be tarred and feathered.

Keyrings Locks says:

I support you BBC on this matter. Please help the poor Russians who are enslaved by their own government. Russians as same as British people, want to live in political freedom.

Comic Book Guy says:

Riiight, but the UK political establishment's authoritarian suppression of dissenters is fine, because those dissenters are "haters" (translation, apostates of multiculturalism, globalism, transgenderism, etc), right, BBC?

Comic Book Guy says:

Don't think for one second that the BBC is on women's side. The BBC is a devotee to the transgender phenomenon which is robbing all women of their identity .
A UK "trans-man" who is pregnant is asking the authorities that "he" be legally recognized as the baby's father. If the court grants "his" request then it will be established in UK law that, in effect, children can be conceived without a mother, only a father; no females required . The BBC supports that, as long as a tranny wants it .

AvryQuick says:

back in the old days this women would be sentenced to hanging for any punishable crime.

Jade Lee says:

This is what happened when you have a Dictator Putin ruled for over 18 years. I'm surprised that the Russian people let Putin stay in power this long.

Schoolboy Weatherman says:

Another anti-Russian propaganda story, featuring another quango group interfering in a foreign country and funded by western money, probably George Soros.

Lilly Despina says:

Polonium in the kids' breakfast?

Peter Harry says:

But hey U.S is Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and many more and about to invade Venezuela. Not a peep. Killing innocent people with drones. Not a peep. Julian Assange basically trapped for 7+ years for telling the truth. Not a peep. Go figure. Am I a robot 1493? 1493 No I am not. Don't see the common sense and the logic of arguments because if you do, you are a bad Russian bot. Sure it is not good what has happened, but shut your pie hole and look at some of the bigger shit that happens everyday. Not a peep.

Peter Harry says:

Its like complaining about washing your own dishes or cleaning your room. But when your parents kick you out of home for not washing the dishes or cleaning your room, you complain that its unfair that you got kicked out of home.

deka peroli says:

Mass murder Putin will kill soon this lady .

Monad Wisdom says:

Whats the cost of challenging Christ-killing merchant banking weasels?

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