How much money do you make? Marine Biologist vs Scuba Diving Instructor

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Finally I am here with my dear friend Maria, the amazing Marine Biologist from Sea and Me. Today we cover a few topics about the differences and similarities of our two jobs.

0:30 – What does a typical day look like?
5:00 – What kind of personality should you have?
6:43 – How much money do you make?

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valorum says:

very interesting – great collab

Gage Smith says:

awesome to see the end of that conversation..was there any more content after 10:50 ? I would have never guessed that Instructors and guides can make commission!

Rafael says:

2000€ a month for PhD in marine biology if you're extremely lucky and good. Since its a fundamental science you're mainly dependent on grants and funds which range from 6 mont contracts to 2-3 year contracts… Basically living a nomad life with no stability unless you pursue academia or land a job in a company for marine biotech or aquaculture.
The lack is stability is what made me abandon the marine biology / ecology field and pursue biomedical sciences lol

Tantely Hoby Hasina Andriana says:

there are hard days…. 
… there are hard years !! hahaha
Thanks for the great video !

Rashiq ahamed Syed says:

Hi…Which is the best place to learn diving??

My Vegan Experiment says:

Thank you so much for checking out this new video so grateful to have the opportunity to meet Maria!

Loved answering some of these most asked questions about our job. If you have any more, let me know down below!

HaUntEd_ pRisonEr says:

Both of you are great

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