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Watch all the best auditions on Got Talent Israel 2019. Check out the most viewed performances from singers to dancers. What did you think of the auditions?? Let us know in the comments below…

Watch more Israel’s Got Talent (Got talent ישראל):

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Gabriela Fonseca says:

Acho q a maioria nem sabe o q é "vai meche o bumbum" KSJSKSJSKSJ

IrisFOREVER says:

I'm from Israel and I don't think anyone has any real talent in israeli got talent.



AHmed GaMer says:

Viva Palestine

Evie Unicorn Gacha says:

Britain squad where u at?

Kakada Khon says:

Good Dancing

tesfazgi nuguse says:

Thanks my hart l love you

R. underclasshero97 says:

yes..go go israel ..

Yodar From SOC says:

Is Israel is a country?..I think it is not..

Wayank says:

Share please visit and subscribe
Indonesian indigenous arts

Ricardo MOLINA ortiz says:

Kim Shangai en minuto 1:16

Jhonata f.p.s says:

Cadê os BRS

pro ling says:

מישראל יש פה מישהו

AKON ZZ says:

Israel is the root of terror and destruction. Do not deceive us with your talent

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