Tour de France 1987 – 21 La Plagne, Fignon

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Tour de France 1987 (22 July) Le Bourg-d’Oisans-La Plagne, 185 Km.


Galibier (HC-2640) – Munoz
Madeleine (HC-1984) – Fuerte
La Plagne (HC-1970) – Fignon

In the first part of this stage, the Colombian cyclists of the “Cafe de Colombia” team (including Luis Herrera and Fabio Enrique Parra, fifth and sixth in the general classification) kept a high pace, and many cyclists were dropped. Roche, Delgado and Mottet decided to work together to get rid of the Colombian cyclists on the descent of the Galibier, out of fear that Herrera and Parra would leave them behind in the next climbs. Their plan worked, but Delgado’s team mates were also dropped. Roche saw this opportunity and escaped, climbing the Madeleine alone. Somewhat later, Delgado’s team mates got back to Delgado, and together they chased Roche, and caught him just before the climb of La Plagne. Roche then anticipated that Delgado would keep attacking on the climb. Knowing Delgado was the better climber, Roche decided he would not follow Delgado’s attack. Instead, he let Delgado get away until the margin was one minute, giving Delgado the impression that he could safely save energy for the next stages, and at the last part of the stage gave it everything he had to reduce the margin. Roche followed that tactic, and confused not only Delgado, but also the commentators and the Tour organisation. Roche finished a few seconds behind Delgado, and after the finish he collapsed and was given an oxygen mask in an ambulance

Stage Classification

1. Laurent Fignon 6h 07′ 05″.
2. Fuerte, st
3. Parra a 39″
4. Delgado a 57″
5. Roche a 1’01”
6. D.Roux a 1’05”
7. Loro a 1’14”
8. Herrera a 1’44”
9. Mottet a 1’57”
10. Bernard a 3’03”
11. Ramirez a 3’15”
12. Acevedo a 3’48”
13. Alcala a 4’17”
14. Sanders a 4’25”
15. Bernaudeau a 5’30”

General classification (Final)

1 Stephen Roche (IRE) Carrera 115h 27′ 42″
2 Pedro Delgado (ESP) P.D.M +0′ 40″
3 Jean-François Bernard (FRA) Toshiba-La Vie Claire +2′ 13″
4 Charly Mottet (FRA) Système U +6′ 40″
5 Luis Alberto Herrera (COL) Café de Colombia +9′ 32″
6 Fabio Enrique Parra (COL) Café de Colombia +16′ 53″
7 Laurent Fignon (FRA) Système U +18′ 24″
8 Anselmo Fuerte (ESP) BH +18′ 33″
9 Raúl Alcalá (MEX) Eleven-Hoonved +21′ 49″
10 Marino Lejarreta (ESP) Caja Rural-Orbea +26′ 13″


Max Mar says:

Riposa in pace, grande Laurant Fignon.

marshalllucky says:

Malcolm Elliott @ 8.07

Fernando Triviño Gomez de las Cortinas says:

Delgado no tuvo un buen día, aquí se le fue el tour de aquel año

TheWattmeister says:

One of the great stages in the Tour's history.

Ken Besford says:

a truly great sporting moment

the thing says:

Vive the legend..Laurent Fignon

Sionnach1601 says:

It's a pity that the camera director seemed to be starkly disconnected with what was happening in the Tour de France that year.
No footage of the the rider place 2nd overall the whole way up the climb, a rider who was dangerously close and had pulled off a startling breakaway earlier in the day, greatly weakening his rivals.
Understandably the stage leaders would be given Moto1, especially since it was their own darling Laurent Fignon.
Understandably, the RACE leader Pedro Delgado would be given Moto 2.
But what of Moto 3? Or of the helicopter which is often used to bridge the gap in coverage when the motorbike cameras are all taken up? Very poor.
And then when the 2nd placed rider OVERALL astonishes everyone by showing up out of nowhere, we still have no cameras on the ground to get crucial human interest footage of Roche as he has evidently produced the ride of his life, and most definitely at that point had kept himself in contention.
We get another boring 2 minutes or more of the 'also-rans' traipsing over the line and lots of empty road in between.
Besides being seemingly clueless of the big picture, the camera director was obviously caught napping on the line too.
"Hey Boss! Réveillez-vous!! Wake up Monsieur!! Fignon looks like he could win ze stage!!"
Sleeping Boss: "Eh…? Oh…eh??" Grunts, farts, grunts again.
"Awwh Zut! Alors!! Make sure you get all cameras on ze Lion!! Vive la France! We will celebrate zis day"
"Ah oui Monsieur, mais eh….what about Monsieur Roche qui arrivee tres rapide tout-de-suite non?? Et Jean Francois??
"Qui?? Bernard – bah! 'Roche', qui 'est?? Awwh…he's down ze mountainside in a pub somewhere.
Keep ze cameras ALL ZE CAMERAS on Fignon, and a little bit on ze maillot jaune!"

sjl62 says:

Fignon gives a textbook demonstration of how to outfox a pure climber.

Jayme Alban says:

nairo quintana el mejo escalador del mundo , hincha de ecuador

Jonathan Farrelly says:

what a rider and what a performance triple crown winner and only 1002 likes

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