Stars With The Worst Personal Hygiene In Hollywood

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They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes. And when it comes to these A-listers, that couldn’t be more true. But it’s not their Tinseltown personalities that are too harsh to handle — it’s their star-powered reputation for neglecting basic hygiene. Whether it’s not regularly brushing their teeth, skipping the shower, or ahem forgetting to flush the toilet, these are the stars who could use a little “soap on a rope.”

Jessica Simpson | 0:22
Cameron Diaz | 1:08
Megan Fox | 1:31
Kristen Stewart | 1:51
Brad Pitt | 2:22
Miley Cyrus | 2:46
Bradley Cooper | 3:22
Shailene Woodley | 3:44
Harry Styles | 4:23
Vanessa Paradis | 5:05

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Nicki Swift says:

What other celebs should've made this list?

Ali von Cloude says:

YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SHOWER EVERY DAY, PEOPLE I can’t stress this enough. My father is a dermatologist, he always says it dries out your skin and makes you sweat even more in order to protect and moisturise the skin. YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY DAY EITHER this dries out your hair and your scalp it’s bad. You have to wash your hair every other day, not every single day

Ali von Cloude says:

Yeah right let’s ask Taylor Swift and Zayn what Harry smells like, literally the two people who dislike him the most

Adriauna Mk says:

THREE showers a day!?

Putri Sipahutar says:

I don’t use antiperspirant for like 23 years and now I am 23, and I’m fine.

Glitterbomb45 says:

Jessica Simpson also has a HUGE farting problem, she just looks gross to me.

Joey May says:

Teeth Gaps do not equate to bad hygiene. Assholes.

KeybladeScar says:

Did you notice they were all white?

Street Champion says:

I dont wear deodorant either…that shit is poison.

Stephanie Kneller says:

Bella Thorne needs to be in this video

Urvashi Sharma says:

Oh no human being produce body odors and sweat.oh no. She doesn't brush sometimes we all bathe atleast a 100 times a day . How disgusting of these other people. Oh no. Headass.

Valincia Pruitt says:

Not surprised

Moonchild says:

Every fan that met Harry Styles said that he smells really nice ! wtf tho

Paradox Techna says:

The whole thing with taking the hair from your armpits off is true. In the summer I Nair all my armpit hair off and it doesn't smell as much. But I soap them up a lot to keep them clean.

Lujine Shelleh says:

first of all, who would sniff someone’s socks cause they always don’t smell good. second, i’m pretty sure harry brushes his teeth, but if he drinks alcohol and smokes, then obviously it’s going to be like that. third, who hasn’t farted and said it wasn’t them.

PatrickMCcolley says:

Pigs one an all.

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