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Alessa Spring/Summer 2014 Show | Fashion Rio RIO DE JANEIRO – Alessa presented its most recent Spring/Summer 2014 collection at Fashion Rio. The company, which celebrated ten years this year, showcased a collection with an array of fabrics such as floral lace, organza tweed, and silk. The collection took its inspiration from the looks of a safari as well as flora and fauna. The clothes, all beautiful, were also a great combination of functionality and practicality.




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Henryk Granek says:

11 styczen 2019 godz 19.25 micigózd , ingerencja w program.

Horror Rahul says:

Horror fashion

Merrielle Soliman says:

i want the shades

Merasia Marie says:

All of those close u could see through

Hannah Vasquez says:

Those were the Ugliest cloths I've ever seen

Valentin Dobre says:


uyo sita says:

What's the name of song in this fashion show ?

Freddie Bosslet says:

wow. these "models" (rather poor women) look terrible. i'm not one of those people who find that a model should weigh 75kg, but this is too skinny. this is neither sexy or beautiful. that looks (and probably is) simply unhealthy. absolutely undesirable.

Ramin says:

1:27, you're welcome.

Gwaithmir says:

Egads! Those models all looked depressed and overworked.

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