The United States (USA) vs The World – Who Would Win? Military / Army Comparison

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In a battle between United States vs The World? Who would win? How does the US military and army compare to that of the whole world? Who would win in this scenario?






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The Infographics Show says:

As promised for a long time!

JayDaKeeh says:

I’d like to point out the fact that I see a lot of comments with “mate” in them which is a word of British origin and they are more so against the U.S winning. The funny thing about this is…. the fact that the US has already saved Western Europe from being taken over before….. therefore they wouldn’t even be around if the U.S did not save them… I just kinda think it’s odd is all

just vibration,man. says:

actually us won't be able to take control of strait of malacca because in middle east indian and pakistan air and naval force would be enough to control the indian ocean ensuring supply of oil to all countries.

Fear Me as I The Great Khan says:

Yeah and everyone is dumb they only look up at country military Strength. American have ton of secret weapon it's by Russian and China wanna keep on hacking

DlPhia L says:

You know, others have very good subs too. Russia, Britain, France, German, China, Japan etc….but let’s pretend they don’t exist

Mehdi Dhaou says:

Stop hating!!! It's not an informational video, it's porn for americans…
probably he is ineed of subscribers

Hampy T says:

The US has its tentacles surrounding the globe. The world order was established decades ago. Regardless if our entire nation was destroyed with nukes, we are deployed everywhere. Retaliatory attacks would be imminent on any nation. The worlds economies are also largely tied with the US. The most severe depression in history would result from it. In other words, it wont happen.

Ollyver S says:

Rest of the world: bends over and takes it from America with little to no resistance

aaron forment says:

That seems a little too simple and easy but…. The U.S. Spent 716 billon on defense this year witch is higher than all but 20 countries total GDP. We have been at war or a military conflict somewhere around the world, almost every year for the last 50 years. Sadly we are to well funded, well equipped, and to experienced for anyone to beat us. It would take the whole world to defeat us and then we would destroy it on our way out. Peace, Love, & Respect! USA!

Anonymous Forever says:

Does anypne wanna come to U.S.A in case this actually happened?

Like if you would.

D_ 1ooo says:

USA has Chuck Norris. Nuff said.

Gabe Puto says:

If he says US I’m very pissed even though I’m American, it’s clear we would loose, but then again US forces would put up one hell of a fight if US had preparation without countries knowing. We also don’t know if our generals of today can spark some crazy stuff like in WW2, people like Eisenhower were a one of a kind. Some things like China having a awful navy wasn’t wrong for those defending it btw they only have 1 carrier in their country.

Bryan Furry says:

after seeing this video im considering unsubscribing

Speed of Dark XX says:

This video forgets that most of its citizens are from other places in the world. So destruction from the inside is highly probable. The US can only destroy the US.

Rajput Rana says:

USA has bases in Afghanistan and Iraq ? What do u think India and China Airforce will be doing when u attack Middle east. Attacking ur bases. Iran, pakistan, afghanistan,China and india combined Armed forces will wipe out Afghanistan bases in no time. Israel iran turkey will attack Iraq, russia has presence in Syria.

U assume 2 things while ur whatever u did in video.
1. None will attack US and everyone will be on defence.
2. Unlimited supply lines from USA for Usa overseas forces.

Just Key says:

Vietnam is a the result of fighting a "fair" war. Obviously don't expect Usa to fight a war like that ever again a world war would no doubt be the nastiest in the history of mankind lets be honest the technological advancements we've made make us cartoon like (reference to video above) but it's very real make no mistake. We're the only democratic country for a very specific reason

Just Key says:

You Mfs can never enjoy the entertainment aspect fuk diluted American population; everyone dislikes the video are ppl that would hide in the event of war waiting to be imprisoned by the enemy thumbs up (I believe)

MaxAurelius says:

I just noticed the like to dislike ratio…

Panzer-Bacon Animation says:

Ok ik people might get mad at me for this but what about Canadian oil? Like I mean we have a lot of oil so us and Venezuela could easily send oil to Europe with the help of our combined naval power and then europe could easily send oil to other countries in need also Canadian troops inside the U.S.A would harass the Americans I mean we could beat the Americans together so why the hell are all these Americans so cocky

pepperoni says:

LOL. This guy's theory sounds like playing chess with himself.

Indominus Rex says:

This fairy tail actually made no sense as u neglected nuclear abilities…..
So shut up…
Stop jacking American ego

Lucas Van Valderen says:

russia, france, poland, great brittain and some other countries have nuclear bombs

lol lol says:

It seems like all the initiative steps are made from US. In the real fight, every countries would have made strategic steps. Could US chain of command can react to all those moves made from all of the world. I don't think so. Even though, US is over powered in the weapons and navy. I think they will have confusion in the chain of the command and moral problem to react every attack from the world military.

Axolotl_ _ says:

So basically you're saying that it would be like an action movie where goons just try to take on the protagonist one at a time?

Thomas miller says:

The US lost to rise farmers I don’t think they can 1v1 the world

A H says:

The next question is, could the worlds toilets cope with the excrement formed from the rehashed nationalistic beliefs of the masses?

adfasd says:

It is said the United states could take over multiple earths with its current military capability.

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