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Hi Everyone 🙂
Welcome back!

I get asked often: “Where did you get all this stuff?” My goal is to share the real magic of science and physics- and to this end I will update here (and in my store) suggestions on where to get some of these toys, kinetic art pieces, and scientific curiosities for yourself.

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👉 Viscous Flow Mixing Bulbs: art from mixing high viscosity fluids. Each LED bulb from EP Designlab captures a unique pattern based on the physics of laminar flow folding resulting from the mixing of viscous fluids- in this case silicone resins. When the resins cure the pattern is captured and frozen in place ready to display as illuminated by an array of 5 LEDs in the standard E26 bulb base. With this process no two bulbs are alike, and all capture intricate mixing physics.

👉 Vortex Marble: glass art intersects with the physics of optics in this lampwork art form invented by Kevin O’Grady circa 1994- and this marble bears his signature mark on the back. The clear glass face on these marbles acts as a convex lens giving the illusion that the spiral goes deeper than the diameter of the marble.

👉 Split Vortex Marble: internal reflection creates the illusion of a full sphere inside in this astounding new form from lampworking master Raven Copeland aka madglasser.

👉 Memory Spring: some special alloys of brass can be made to have a shape memory triggered by temperature. These springs quickly change their length from 1 cm to 2.5cm when heated above 90 C (done here with hot water) and just as quickly shrink back to original size when cooled (immersed in cold water).

👉 Magneto Top: a top that generates electricity and lights LEDs when spun. This top contains a strong dipole magnet which becomes the rotor in this alternator set up. A 1000 turn coil in the base can be adjusted so that the rapidly changing magnetic field of the top will induce an AC current in accordance with Faraday’s law.

👉 Mirror Anamorphosis: this vintage card from 1984 contains a cylindrical mirror anamorphic image. Lady Liberty is revealed by bending the flexible Mylar mirror in to a half cylinder.

👉 “Courtship”: kinetic art from the 1970’s- two magnets, counterbalanced, interact chaotically in a dance that is different each time they are set into motion.

👉 Mystery Orbiter UFO: hidden within this flying saucer shaped toy is a gyroscope, allowing it to balance at seemingly impossible angles, and causing it to precess around an axis through the contact point. The physics and vector nature of angular momentum! Blowing air through one of the three holes spins this gyroscope up.

👉 Primed Siphon: liquid moves until the water levels are equal- curious combination of the effects of gravity, molecular cohesion, and atmospheric pressure. The tube is hollow and pre-filled with water, and the spherical shells on each end are cups also full of water.

👉 Reflection Symmetry Sculpture: precision etched into only one corner of a triangular prism, multiple reflections within the optical grade glass create the 3D lighthouse with hexagonal cross section. The top of the prism is cut and polished to allow a bird’s eye view as well.

👉 Fluorescent Ooze Tube with UV Laser: stunning visual effects from a 405 nm laser pointer interacting with the viscous polyisobutene fluid in this ooze tube timer toy. The fluorescent dye converts the UV laser light to visible green light as the fluid stretches into thin ropes that act as light pipes while bubbles reflect and fan the beam.

👉 Toroflux: kinetic art toy made from a single continuous loop of stainless steel band. The band of spring metal is woven such that it forms a torus that can clamp on to and roll down a stick, segment of tubing, or even an arm.

👉 Itacolumite

👉 Tea-light Floating Engine: a candle powered super simple steam engine. The engine is just a coil of copper tubing filled with water. Steam builds up pushing water out with an explosive jet- which then results in a vacuum in the coil which pulls more water in to repeat the process. The water expulsion is in the form of jet directed out the end of the tube whereas the refill comes back in to the tube from a larger range of angles- so on balance the engine moves opposite to the direction of the jets.

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Ravindra G K says:

Love your videos

James Sned ueg says:

there is more than 4 marbles there is the invisible marbles in between them

Tarun says:

There are transparent orbeez inside the tube with refractive index same as the liquid inside the tube

Madhavi Dhoot says:

It happens due to viscosity of the liquid.

Sketch with PN says:

The solution: there are spacers in between the marbles, maybe orbeez with the sane refractive index as water. Thus they appear invisible while inside the water. I know I'm correct. Btw, awesome ones, I'd like to have all of'em

Kim Ayala says:

I love this things

Satyam Jindal says:

That stick which is joint in two marbel ball dancity same as tube luquid

Vukas Vukcevic says:

The solution of the challenge is: between glass marbles are water marbles who are invisible because they match the water transparency.

Auri107 says:

There are morw bubbles that look invisible in the water… maybe?

Jason Partridge says:

I'm not familiar with any substance that has the same index of refraction as water, but pyrex and mineral oil have the same index of refraction and are both widely and cheaply available, making them perfect for a toy like this. Pyrex beads between glass beads suspended in a tube filled with mineral oil would look exactly like that.

Zero Control says:

The flexible rock , wow.


oh man this time I am wrong but next time I will give my best

Subham Das says:

I think the tube is contained with some type of noble gases…

renish sadaria says:

Their is a reflective index in marble


I think that is done because of kinetic energy and magnetic force


I think bro this you ask a hard question

GarSnove Playz says:

First song?

Yash Chawla says:

There is another light refracting marbles

llymphs says:

5 downvotes. Hmmm. Cannot fathom why. People crazy on the average.

Oh, think the answer is…the Debbil!

Noah Celeste says:

Is it from kinetic energy/force or magnetic force/energy

Arun Malhotra says:

Bestest channel in the world

Johnrey Ceriales says:

Why did I laugh at 4:10

Fixedguitar says:


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