VIRUS IN THE SYSTEM – the Colectiv Club and the hospital multi resistant germs

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This is the story of the victims of the Colectiv club fire, from the 30th of October 2015, of the scandal regarding hospital bacteria and multi resistant germs, that lead to the infection and death of many of the youngsters who were wounded in the fire.


Gokhan Canozer says:

7700 de viewuri. PACAT!

Romeo Hotea says:

„AU TOT CE LE TREBUIE…”spunea ministru.Intradevar,tot ce le trebuie…inclusiv bacteriile ucigase!De ce nu au fost acuzati,cei responsabili??? Nici in ziua de azi,nu s_a schimbat nimic,din cuza coruptiei ! RUSINE!!!

Rody __ says:

Sunt scarbita! Romanie, Romanie e vai de tine!!!

Marie Katherine says:

The dead guy wasn't the owner of HexiPharma. It was probably someone already dead of hospital acquired infection. Cone on! His ID just happened to be beside him? Just like Mohammed Atta?


Noi sintem niste microbi
Actionam doar dupa ce se intamopla decese ucise de cuma PSD .

Alexander McNeil says:

Romania is a fucked up, gypsy poverty country

warefairsoda says:

This is shocking and deserves more views. Thanks for sharing.

Marie Katherine says:

Notice to visitors! Do not get sick or injured in Romania! What year was this? Has the situation been remedied?

RenegadeTimes says:

IMO Dan Condrea was murdered. The reason being is that an ample amount of people in high places might have been revealed if Dan had made it into a court. Easier to eliminate him than to manage the potentially devastating collateral damage to the ruling class who profited from his operation. The top tiers always win and the expendable eliminated,

MissParker1911 says:

Intrebare: DE CE e nevoie de culturi de celule SPECIALE pentru a demonstra prezenta unor bacterii?

Fulgerul Albastru says:

Cat de criminal poate fi acest sistem…ne omoram pentru profit ! mizeria aia de ministru spunea :"avem de toate,suntem bine,totul este sub Control !" Cand el CLAR stia ce Asasini(bacterii)"Zac " in spitale ! Criminal scrie pe el cat si pe restul managerilor,etc…
Parerea mea e ca Traieste,Culmea Fata ii era Distrusa total…Dan Condrea dupa parerea mea Traieste !

Quentin Neveux says:

I hope you'll get a better audience. My girlfriend is Romanian and she is sick of all of it. She doesn't know what to think about this country when she sees that a new church will cost 200 millions € and that there is no money to care about Hospitals. That's just insane !
I hope you'll manage to spread this video !
From France with Love !

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