E.U. 2019 – The European Spring BEGINS

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Scott Anderson says:

Americans White people are the only ones that can end nightmare for our homeland of Europe We developed the UN we can shut them down the question is when will you do the right thing November's winning house of for Democrats No matter what the videos on YouTube of the EU takeover or the UN takeover The confidence is not confident a tell white people take action And end the chaos they allowed to happen by Stepping up to the on people and actually do something about it until then nothing will change You see the problems we cost as white people in Europeans in videos but not doing anything about it stop talking & start doing

SoonKickedOff says:

"…a curse shall light upon the limbs of men, domestic fury and fierce civil strife shall cumber all parts of the E.U. Blood and destruction shall be so in use and dreadful objects so familiar that mothers shall but smile when they behold their infants quartered by the hand of war…." Eh?

Slavs_ 101 says:

What’s globalism and globalisation ?

Yanzihko says:

Genocide & WW3 Intensifines ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

SGT MI113R says:

The EU it's a perfect example of why diversity and multiculturalism does not work at all

Karl Quetzacoatl says:


EUSSR is the proper name (European Union of Socialist Sovietic Republics)

Colonel Burton says:

Spring?? Haha, are you serious? Winter hasn't even started yet.

Lori Babich says:

Fuck the U.N. and their migration PAC. The NYT is a rag. Send them all back home the war is over! Send Macrone and Trudeau back with them. The EU and the U.N. are one of the same. Vatican city and Palestine are benefiting from a one world GOVT because neither is affected by it. They are not part of the EU or the U.N.

Seba Gonzalez says:

When China colapse for their debt will be a desaster for the World

VividChi says:

The fact remains though. The EU was not created until the Lisbon treaty and we (the UK ) did not vote to join the EU but the eec

Ether says:

Macron is a traitor.

Fang Lei says:

Forget about all of this least hate China and Christians and Russia.

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