Confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin, Part 4 | Megyn Kelly | NBC News

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Megyn Kelly and Russian President Vladimir Putin discuss how he is perceived on the world stage and reports of internal corruption.
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Confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin, Part 4 | Megyn Kelly | NBC News


Gian Nolastname says:

Can you ask an intelligent question. For example, How can we globally fix the environmental desaster that humans are creating on the planet? Who cares who makes so much money.

Петър Петров says:

Cheap US media!

ding174 says:

Psychological force. Watch him shake the hands of Barbama and trump, his hands are on top. Bush handshake was neutral but at the end Putin grasped BUSH’s hand with both of his hands. FORCE. God help us!

Stephanie Lim says:

This Dumb blonde American, is really living up to the stereotypes of why the other Nations call them " DUMB Americans"

Jessi Taran says:

I don't think Putin 'hates' America. I think he views politics as a game – the ultimate martial arts contest. Putin plays this game the way he does because likes to challenge himself and to do that he must continually expand his ambitions. Ultimately it's not about money or even power – it's about figuring out new ways of achieving domination over his opponents. His true motivation is intellectual stimulation.

Smoked salmon _ says:

She always talks to ((neocons)) and leftists

tiDDies aTTic says:

The only people getting rich and Russia are those close to Putin. I wonder if it's the Clinton Foundation model?

Deez Nuts says:

did she say many of his citizens are suffering financially? wait 40% of americans can't afford a 400$ emergency bill. I guess she'll focus on flint water crisis next. You know what they say? if she's blond she's…

Levi De Morney says:

Still waiting for WW3 from all the foreign experts, still trump best president ever

Levi De Morney says:

I saw C A A

Barni Neba says:


Barni Neba says:

NBCNews = Fake News, this video is a clear example of how corrupt the American media has become!


Vladimir Putin just show the world how stupid you are has a Democrat advocate haha

John Holmes says:

Funny how this has more thumbs down then thumbs up ..

Christian Bennett says:

I’m a little dumb to most things, but if something is leaked, is it automatically declassified? Like the American People can now see it? So many “Leaks” that we never get a photo of? Why? Lies?

Monique Neptune says:

I love this guy

mdlyonn 00 says:

He wasn’t intimidated in the slightest, he was just laughing at her deep down

Adhiraj says:

0:14 Putin is the real SEAL…uh, I mean deal.

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