Woman Witnesses Strange UFO Sighting In British Columbia | Alien Mysteries

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In July 1991, Corina Saebels sees a spaceship hovering over her home in Aldergrove, British Columbia. When she learns that she disappeared for more than 45 minutes, it leave her to question what really happened to her.

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Bwuk says:

Ok, i have not seen a single person comment about this amazing animation. nobody in this video is real if anyone knew.

myartinjon says:

I had a similar experience in late evening December 2004 in Montreal except for the cloaked object was much larger probably about the size of the whole island of Montreal(clear sky, no stars in large circular part)in the middle of the object small silvery light appeared and grew almost to the size of a full moon with the halo of purple and blue lights that last only about 20 seconds.

Martin Trapper says:

Time is not a straight line, it is a circle. He should not have ran away. What happened would have intrigued me a bunch. How little we know to be so arrogant.

francis begbie says:

he dropped some LSD in her TEA

norCal greg says:

in the last 70 years of lies to the public by the government that were endorsed by the main stream media about the existence and nature of UFOs, in the US the freedom of information act became law. FOIA gov docs brought light to the government conspiracy by the air force and CIA to hide the truth about sightings of vehicles that defy all laws of physics as we understand them. they hover without making sound and disappear in the blink of an eye. UAP sightings by military professionals trained in observation techniques are written off by skeptic critics like the one at the end of this show. i've seen deGrasse make fun of the subject. thousands highly credible cases of seeing these vehicles move intelligently through the sky without sound or exhaust, the US military has even released some of the footage in 2018 taken by special infra red military cams of these vehicles that military admits 'they are not from here', they are not ours, or the russians, this tech does not exist here. and you can bet the military has a vested interest in knowing. why do they use physicists to comment on these events anyways? anyone who really takes the time to look into this subjectcan see there is technology that defies earth tech physics.

see the new bob lazar documentary – it is fascinating. science has failed with this subject. the alien phenom is real and the implications for humanity from this story are huge.

Elwood Jones says:

Here we go…Bring on all the Ufologists that claim to know everything from dimensions, to time warps, to space travel etc.etc. When the fact is we are just beginning our space exploration to talking about beings that are more than likely thousands & thousands of years beyond our primitive tech. The first part is getting rid of the cover up first & than proceed until than we know nothing!!!

Isa ak PadaPetra says:

don't worry, they is my friend…they don't harm to humans….

dheerajdelhi says:

Sounds like an exaggeration, her pal leaving her for being away for 1 hour

Akki Bhanot says:

Exactly it's all true, no matter for lies

James Muhlert says:

Aliens like scalloped potatoes also, especially with cream

Etherscapes says:

"I looked everywhere… at the end of the driveway…" Dodged a bullet there

Jnia NotABorgYet says:

I didn't know we had a B.C. UFO site. I phoned the news paper. Saw mine in Hope in 2004.

Jimmy Paga says:

You forgotten about wormhole

John Eynon says:

The boyfriend is a loser.

jonny clayborn says:

and what group does tom work for or with???? set u up.

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