Washington state weighs vaccination bill amid “critical” measles outbreak

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Lawmakers in Washington state are proposing a bill that would no longer allow parents to cite philosophical or personal reasons for not vaccinating their child, as the region battles a growing measles outbreak. Currently, 18 states allow those exemptions. Carter Evans reports.

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Paul Turner says:

"Measles and other childhood infections may actually protect against life-threatening conditions like cancer and heart disease."


Paul Turner says:

Getting measles is listed as a side effect of the measles vaccine.

The MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine insert clearly says a side effect is getting the disease. This child has an infected immunization site. The vaccine gave him the measles.

Most people are not aware of how often the measles vaccine will cause measles in a child. We now have two kinds of measles. The old "wild" kind and the vaccine induced:

Paul Turner says:

These latest measles media hysteria tactics are geared toward passing mandatory vaccine laws. Here is something else to consider:

Today's children have more allergies than ever before. We

have to watch out for more and more children having anaphylactic

reactions to peanuts, eggs, soy, shellfish, wheat and penicillin…

We just can't be sure who may have negative and/or even deadly

reactions, so we would never consider mandating that all children

consume these items.

We know that vaccines contain a number of known toxins which have caused negative and/or even deadly reactions in some children. How can it make sense to mandate vaccines?

Gene Zipa says:

Dude at the end is right…. too many have no serious fear of serious diseases. But, on the bright side, learning sign language with your children could be a great bonding experience.

Jake k says:

I don't think anyone on the wast coast should be vaccinated for anything. The rest of the country yes, just not the west coast. They should actually be sprinkling weapons grade smallpox on their granola in the morning. It would make the rest of the country a safer place.

Beachdudeca says:

Long past due , its time to push back on the Hippies !

Crazywaffle5150 says:

Finally. Stop letting morons get people sick!

Jakob Stagg says:

When I was a kid, everybody got the measles, chicken pox, etc. Also, everyone who was born would die. The only variations were why and when. It is all a part of life. I think there is a whole lot more to this than news reports. Some seem to think taking everybody's rights away is a solution. It is not.

Mike Weaver says:

First, I do believe in vaccinations and all my kids had all their shots growing up. My stance has nothing to do with religion or some autism conspiracy theory. My issue is the government having the power to force a person to inject something in their body whether they want to or not. Where are the "My body, My choice" people. Never give the government any power over you….. or at least don't give them any more.

John Keller says:

LOL at all the religious fanatics here. No, I'm not talking about those who oppose forced vaccinations, but those who place unwavering faith in taking the needle. Yes, the State is your "god," and corporate-funded "experts" are your priests.

If the vaccine is "safe and effective," GO GET ONE, and you'll be completely protected from we heretics who don't share your blind faith.

Or is the purpose something much more than actually, allegedly, preventing a disease? Just what IS in these injections, and what exactly do they do? You expect me to just believe pharmaceutical corporations who have lied time and time again?


Feel free to live by your own personal beliefs – believe in a flat Earth if you want – but when your ignorant beliefs are actively endangering other people, that's where we draw the line. Anti-vaxxers are the worst possible mix of stupid and dangerous. If their rights to deliberately endanger our population are taken away, good!

Jay Caviness says:

CBS should have never put the anti-vax mother on this report. There are those that will cling on to the (possible) exception (no proof that the vaccine caused the harm to her child) to prove the rule.

IncredibleDrone says:

There shouldn't be a religious exemptions.

Derail07 says:

Illegal immigrants bringing measles into the country now… great!

Tara Aliyeva says:

Parents are so IRRESPONSIBLE no vaccination then stay at home.

Robin Hensley says:

Shouldn’t touch the needle while withdrawing the medicine. I know it was just a camera shot but still makes the vaccine look unsafe.

TheseKlownsKrazy AsFuq says:

I REFUSE to shoot ANY type of JUNK into my or my child's veins. THESE PEOPLE ARE NUTS!!!

Mary Miller says:

Absolutely .. DO IT!!! It is about time.. no more exemptions. Religion has nothing to do with it.. you want a sky buddy … good for you.. vaccinate your kids while you are here!

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