Biology 1010 Lecture 1 Intro to Biology

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Kai Bennet says:

Thank you so much for this lesson. I use it to home school my child. At this rate we can achieve college degrees through YouTube University. Bad news for some institutions. XD

lady mendize says:

Thank you professor

MegaLuckyLeaf says:

My teach talks too fast

Raurke Goose says:

It's actally more ridiculous to think there is life elsewhere in the universe, sorry prof.

Preet Navi says:

you are a good teacher! Thanks!

Jmac says:

Anyone else come here after seeing that bullshit creationist video titled "biology 101: all you need to know"?

Neila Magloire says:

My bio teacher literally is awful. She doesn't teach anything. I basically have to teach myself all this stuff. So happy I found this video.

Nancy Garcia says:

Wow I think I just learned more here than in my actual bio class.

90xo says:

I wish I had you as my instructor. My college prof just reads off the power point and calls it a day. She doesn’t explain nothing. Thank you so much for helping me understand better.

Napoleon Bonaparte says:

Nice Left 4 Dead

Adolfo Artigas says:

Thank You For This Information.

radhenitsri says:

Plz scribble something on screen to see.

Mike!!! says:

It would be helpful if you put a link for a .pdf download in the description.

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