Winner of Croatia’s Got Talent 2018 Has Us All In Tears | Got Talent Global

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Watch blind singer Denis Barta on Croatia’s Got Talent 2018 and check out all of his auditions as he makes the judges and the audience cry. What did you think about his audition?? Let us know in the comments below…

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Mosohrii Mohobo says:

With subtitles it will be more nice

Lynn Sanchez says:

I am from the USA and I don't understand crotain but I feel him touching my heart yes he deserved it the win I am in tears to you see God turns in a special child into a blessing for all

Argot May says:

I love this crowd. Full of heart and soul.

Breno dos santos says:

A musica devê se muito bimotor mas eu não sei inglês

Fidel RMZ says:

I didn't know Yugoslavians spoke that werd

yaziid weezy zidou says:

We need translation !

Pohana Tikvica says:

His name is Denis. He is trom Sarajevo (Bosnia, also ex-Yugoslavia) the song is by Oliver Dragojevič – Oprosti mi pape (father forgive me), the man next to him is his dad and his best friend, his "brother", his helping hand, his manager, his tutor, he adds "we are both great fighters"… He explains that his son had 535 grams at birth (born in Italy – Padova), he had heart surgery 9 days after birth, lost his vision 40 days later, has a strong form of autism, he is not able to use his hands (the only thing he can use them for is playing music), he is unable to use his hands for even the most basic things in life such as washing his teeth… yet he began to play the piano 7 months old, at 13 years he began composing his own music, he never had any lessons as he is not able to communicate with people, he simply hears a tune and is able to play it… in his own words "music is his light". His goal is to show disabled people that everything is possible, with work and devotion. (Oliver Dragojevič is one of the greatest Croatian musicians, his music is known and loved all over the ex-yu republics). If you have any additional questions can answer. (I'm not from Croatia, however, I can sneak the language

ኣኽሊሉ በሪሁ says:

I love this guay god bless u ma bro!!!

Lynx xD says:

Can't understand..
Can't cry..

Jacob Roberts says:

Ako uključite titlove na engleskom jeziku, dobit ćete tisuće dodatnih gledatelja i pretplatnika iz zemalja engleskog govornog područja. Usluga YouTube besplatno je za kreatore. If you turn on the closed captioning in English, you will get thousands of additional viewers and subscribers from English speaking countries. YouTube provides it for free to creators. Drago mi je da Hrvatska ima talent koji uključuje ljude s posebnim potrebama. Koristim Google Prevoditelj. Znam da čini pogreške. I am glad that Croatia's Got talent includes people with special needs. I'm using Google Translate. I know it makes mistakes.

Senzar HD says:

Music is life-life is music

Dzintra Regina Jansone says:


Sonia García says:


Rony Ramdan says:

I thought they have a budget on subtitle here. No? Ok. Cute.

Adnan Djuvelek says:

Imal nas sa balkana.

Optimus Prime says:

i didn't understand a bit but somehow it me me cry!

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