What I Eat In A Day | Breastfeeding & Postpartum

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Maria - Xristina says:

You are so gorgeous 🙂

Laura Lewis says:

As a breastfeeding mum to a newborn, this was so beautiful to watch. I love how real you are, thank you!

mmfish22 says:

All that food … omg. I don't starve by any means (I am eating like alll day long – fruit and veggie snacks mostly) .. but that dinner, all that food. I probably eat that much in a day hahahaha … it's making me hungry again .. 16w4d preggo here and all I think about is food.

marijo1013 says:

You look sooooo gorgeous!!! Motherhood has done you well not to say you were not a knock out pre baby. Mat is sooo lucky!!!!

Dr Dray says:

Thank u so much for introducing me to Japanese sweet potatoes….❤️❤️❤️them!

Helga Mányoki says:

Can you talk about how’s breastfeeding with implants? And do recommend boob job before pregnancy? (:

Deanna E says:

What kind of fasting do you do?? You look amazing and he is so adorable!!

S Sharp says:

You look great!

Haley Downs says:

ahhhh little baby!!! sooo adorable. you look so good mama! ladies…dont ever let someone tell you you'll "lose your body" from having a baby!! you should feel the most accomplished you have ever felt in your life… our bodies are AMAZING because of what they can do. and yes..it is SO possible to be in shape and most importantly feel GOOD after having a baby <3

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