Top 10 Best Super Bowl 53 Commercials (2019 Funniest Ads Superbowl LIII)

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Top 10 Best Super Bowl 53 Commercials (2019 Funniest Ads Superbowl LIII)
Super Bowl 50 Advertisements:
Superbowl 51 Commercial Video:
Superbowl 52 Ads:

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Madi ASMR:

Commercials Names & Brands:
M&M’S Chocolate Bar Super Bowl Commercial 2019 (featuring Christina Applegate) – ‘Bad Passengers’:
Craig Robinson Likes Dietz Nuts | Dietz & Watson:
Audi Presents: Cashew:
DEVOUR Food | Big Game 2019:
Walmart Big Game Commercial – Grocery Pickup – Famous Cars (Extended Cut):
Olay Skin | Super Bowl LIII Official Commercial:
Game of Thrones X Bud Light | Official Super Bowl LIII Ad | Extended Version | HBO:
The Elevator | 2019 Super Bowl Commercial | Hyundai:
Top Dog | Avocados From Mexico 2019 Ad | :60
The 100-Year Game NFL | SBLIII:

Intro: Tobu – Hope
Outro Song: ProleteR – Faidherbe Square
Bandcamp :
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TrendCrave says:

I apologize for the audio on the NFL advertisement. It had to be removed (so i put a song over it) due to a copyright issue. The video was also down for a couple hours because it was blocked worldwide by the Hyundai advertisement so that had to be removed as well (so its kinda a top 8 and a half now) Once again very sorry!

Tien Dat Dinh says:

It’s the future Michael =))

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Natural Traffic Light says:


Erin C says:

I don't have the plague anymore. LOLOL!

Shirley Snyder says:

I got an NFL commercial on this video

Harmonica Blues says:

This was the year of the Super Bore. Even the commercials were the worst ever. Not a single one was memorable or funny. It was just like any other night of television. The Super Bore was like watching a day time soap opera. A lot of dialogue with nothing to watch. The halftime show was the only thing worth watching.
Don’t try to hype that night up. You will only prove how lame you are. I would rather have gotten a root canal instead and saved some pain.

Fiddle Kid says:

There is not Pepsi? THERE IS NO MICHAL SCOTT?!?!?

Jaybugger Plays says:

I was watching the Walmart ad and I'm like why have I not skipped this ad yet, it took me a second to realize

Viral Videos says:


look at my compilation vids lol..

Keviecoolguy 88 says:

We wanted sweet victory

EskimoCheeks says:

Wow, the Superbowl really did suck this year.. so badly that the commercials couldn't even save it.

Henry Peters says:

I like that she had to pass it to a man

scott hood says:

the commercials this year were much worse

Deyana Hanna says:

You need the Pepsi cermercial with cardi b in it okrrrr

Rachel VZ says:

The WalMart commercial was 3 hours long

Hasan Ali says:

Who saw ninja like if you did the last commercial

Klaus Keast says:

Walmart great job

Patriots Nation 4 Life Tom Brady is GOAT says:

Nfl 100 is hands down the best out of all super bowl commercials ever

MCWXIII White says:

Absolutely none of these ads were funny or interesting.

David Perry says:

My favorite is Dietz nuts.

God Squad says:

Where’s robot baby

God Squad says:

Wtf was this

Zone07 says:

Holy crap, how drunk was I during the Superbowl? I barely remember thess commercials.

Super Happy Fun Times says:

Aaron Rodgers should’ve been in the 100th season ad, throwing a Hail Mary

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