Oliver… the dog who survived a Hanging… The Greatest Animal Rescue Of My Life!

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charlene says:

I cried and smile at the same time, god bless you all of you for what you do.

SM W says:

You are so wonderful! Thank you for saving this dog

Castiel_Collins says:

I rlly thought that dog was just head and chest at first

Awesome Aphrodite says:

Actually made me cry in real life..

Dan Bondurant says:

OMG I didn't even recognize Oliver! He is so happy now! Awwwww

MsMaryPatricia says:

Mad respect to these people. Organisations such as PETA who have international recognition have a horrendous reputation for killing animals in their care. These underfunded people in a poor country have made a commitment to love and care for that dog to the end of his days. *Not all hero's war capes*. I just can't get over the transformation in the dog from petrified to happy. You guys are awesome.

lovelygeminibren says:

I have a strong desire to find and hurt people who do this to animal but it’s not in my heart to actually heart anyone or anything but animal abusers deserve to be tortured in the worse way possible, public execution, the worst possible way you can put a human being to death those are the kind of deaths animal abusers deserve, when their not held responsible for their actions another animal will have to suffer at the abuse of them and it’s not fair to all the wonderful loving animals out there, there needs to be harsh laws and punishments for animal abusers and if there’s any watching this video or reading these comments go hell and I hope karma comes back to bite you in the ass so hard you’d wish you were never born on this earth you pos trash, anyway my heart was so hurt by what happened to oliver but I’m glad oliver was saved and I hope he finds a forever home with a family he can trust and will love him unconditionally for the rest of his days

Shanna Marie says:

God Bless you and your organization!!

Issabelle Kirby says:

What is a hang

TawingCheche Bulan says:

Oliver was crying.. So heartbreaking..

TawingCheche Bulan says:

God isn't sleeping.. The people that did this brutal thing to a dog will never go unpunished..

Mary Young says:

I'm still fighting back the tears

DS Rai says:

The maggots do help to kill off the dead skin around his neck, do they not? Poor guy, hope he made a full recovery due to your amazing dedication and with the lack of any local vets. Hate to imagine what he’s been through to still be so scared of humans after a few weeks of love and care.

Anamari GarciaGarcia says:

Que buena persona soi grasia ayuda a lo perro que bonito

Giovanna Narvaez says:

DIOS también nos juzgara por el trato que le hemos dado a nuestros animales…No les hagamos daño

Apple IPhone says:

Well done all those who helped save Oliver. Bless your big ♥️

Hahge Hahge says:

who the hell hang dog what kind of asshole, so fucking sick the people are,

Amaya Coleman says:

4:08 I wanted to see but when I saw….. I fainted

Andy Ross says:

God bless you my friend

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