Breaking: Federal Prosecutors Subpoena Donald Trump’s Inaugural Committee | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have issued a subpoena to Trump’s inaugural committee seeking documents related to donors and spending, including any foreign donations. The Washington Post reports the subpoena suggests that prosecutors are investigating “crimes related to conspiracy to defraud the United States.” Lawrence discusses with Post reporter Rosalind Helderman, Tim O’Brien and David Cay Johnston.
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Breaking: Federal Prosecutors Subpoena Donald Trump’s Inaugural Committee | The Last Word | MSNBC


Kathie Logan says:

Almighty God we pray that you bless our President and his family everyday in every way! In Jesus mighty name we pray! Amen and Hallelujah!

Jasmine Houston-Burns says:

Now that hamburger dinner makes sense. Have a cheap dinner, make it look "grandiose," and pocket the rest of the govmnt money.

Joel J says:

I'm inclined to believe that unspent funds from the inauguration and transition ended up in the Trump Foundation family slush fund.

tikab says:

LOCK HIM UP! ..errr… lock THEM up (the whole trump family of grifters).

Mike C says:

He lives on credit so why would the bank keep giving him money and thus insure more investigations.

Mike C says:

Guaranteed the money went to Don the Con in kickbacks. Follow the money because it can't hide in this age of electronic transactions. They have his accountant already so it's a matter of time.

Charleston Oo says:

Listen trump supporters.. There is no way trump is going to come up clear… Treason and jail ….hang to dead I wished. That will be the day to wait and get my popcorn ready. If russia connection didn't hang trump… For so many years running loose and not paying tax… I say shot him now to save lot of money and time… Cos he is going to hang on until Trump pant fallout to his knees.. Nixon resign cos he know. But trump don't have any idea of polictic… So Republican just used trump to fight for their war over there RSS senate and congress… Mitch McConnell don't care less if trump killing himself.

Fifthelement203 says:

This Season of RHHWH is getting juicyyyy.

Richy One says:

Melania's daddy donated $10 dollars to get visa ..LOL

David Jones says:

When Obama paid fines for receiving too much campaign funds, no news agency except for Fox covered that. Now that Trump's funds are being investigated, every liberal news agency is covering it. This systematic support or attack on conservatives vs liberals depending on the goals of the news agencies involved is at the core of why citizens of our great nation is at each other's throats. In the end, their will be no winners, just more hatred.

J. Josue says:

With all that money for his inauguration, he could have fixed the Billy Bob teeth of half of his supporters.

Joe Blow says:

Nothing Burger…. Trump for Mount Rushmore

Wray Row says:

Is America strong enough to take a white collar criminal to court and added to that the President …..I have no doubt he’s a criminal and committed crimes but I just wonder if our own government will turn on one of its own. Many of them possibly being guilty of some of the same crimes ?

Jay101 says:

Cue Nelson from The Simpsons, "Ha-ha!"

feelitman says:

God wanted Hitler to rule Nazi Germany?…and so it was?

Will says:

Old McMueller had a farm E I E I O
And on his farm he caught some witches E I E I O
With a witch witch here
A witch witch there
Here a witch there a witch
Everywhere a witch witch
Old McMueller had a farm

Steve McFarland says:

Stick a fork in ‘im. It’s over.

Juan Carlos Valdes says:


Byron Anderson says:

Afterwards, maybe we can get Special Prosecutor Muller to investigate some of these Mega-churches. A lot of God's money has disappeared, not really, we know where it went, new Lear jet, Rolls Royce, Mansion, Yacht, kids at private schools.

Graciano Mendoza says:

Lock him up, lock him up

James Campbell says:

wow this is so real, just got $21,000 bank transfer from cruisehackerz.wordpress. com, I'm so happy

desi derata says:

Prosecutors are witch hunting again. They investigate before allegation of crime is established.
After Trump, this witch hinting will continue and the shoe will be in the other foot.

unclvinny says:

David Cay Johnston is a terrific writer. It’s an old book now, but take a look at “Perfectly Legal”, how the wealthy skew the tax code and manipulate the IRS (and public perception of the IRS) to their benefit. I always make a point to read his articles, but I hadn’t heard he had a new online newspaper. Will check it out.

RampagePhoenix says:

Good! His dumb-as-brick supporters will be next.

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