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Close MIAMI – FashionTV brings you the GlamRock show from Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach 2014. Miami native Lauren Ashley had been a part of the fashion world for almost two decades before she decided to branch out and start a clothing line of her own. On the GlamRock website, Ashley states, “My client is the woman that knows who she is, what she wants and is not afraid to make that distinctive statement with her fashion.” With a brand name like GlamRock, need we expect anything less? If Ashley’s collection is anything like last year’s fashion show, it’ll be fashion-forward with a spicy rock star edge.




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Sonia Dey says:

So exquisite

DoitDoug says:

Gorgeous show! The fabrics are spectacular!

wankung Li says:


Angústia says:

1:10 lmao is this 4 real

Raiderz says:

Some decent girls but as usual mostly cancer patient/meth-head models that remind gay designers of their dream boys.

Mariohernando Rivera says:

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Jagannath Malik says:


bambarby says:

beautiful natural tits

Maureen Ramsden says:

Glamorous styles….great for resort wear….very nice….

Yln Murthy says:

so beautifull, girls on Ramp show

Satish Jindal says:

fashion ki mari bechari

videodude23 says:


インパルス says:


Bob Madbob says:

Ух ты, у одной даже сиськи есть 🙂 Даёшь нормальных женщин на подиумы !!! Безгрудые и узкожопые скелетоподобные "модели" вообще не прикалывают 🙁

cj Williams says:

Love how there are plus size also! Beautiful!

Ramin says:

whatever…i'd hit all of them

Clifford Bellars says:

I say that it's a good day when u can see anything that got to do with the sexy women that want to show there stuff off !! Don't u think so also ??? Google me an tell me what your thoughts are on this issue ok bye for now !!!!

clockguy2 says:

Might as well just go topless. They'd look better.

godis imaginary says:

glamrocks models act like they're showing haute couture lol that shit is everyday casual and not even all that – props and all for using regular normal sized females to show them but it still won't save this mess

Gabiks98 says:

Boring and not so beautiful fashion show
Personally believe what this fashion show is not for all people. Sucks.

nattapong saepour says:

@2.53ทำให้ผมมา ว่าว ณ จุดจุดนี้คับ

fadz fadzill says:

The worst and sucks fashion show that I've ever seen in my life

BSBcty says:

terrible catwalk 🙁

M says:

Plain, boring, not real models , NYC chihuahuas have more glam than this

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