Dr. Oz Petitions the U.S. Government to Study Medical Marijuana

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Dr. Oz explains why the U.S. government should study medical marijuana as a solution for chronic pain.

You can sign the petition here: http://bit.ly/2f8uyxt
Subscribe to Dr. Oz’s official YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/1VUy0Na


David kowalewski says:

get a float pod from pureflaotpods… Pain gone!

Joe Torres says:

A child said that it’s easy to just legalize it and watch the cure work and if it doesn’t just go back to prohibition easy as 123

Jaques Swart says:

I am a 21 year old and back at university I used to drink a bottle of J&B every day, left in my car for when my class finished and sometimes for some courage before class. I struggled a lot with alcohol and prescription medication abuse as well as depression. Last year I started to smoke a blunt every day and my alcohol consumption has decreased to 3 beers a day and I completely stopped taking all painkillers and antidepressants! I feel better about myself and I'm improving every aspect of my life. Luckily cannabis is legal in South-Africa.

Ross Best says:

Only for chronic pain? Doesn't it have other health benefits!?

Joe Smoo says:

cigarettes are the number one stepping Stone drug everybody starts doing drugs with cigarettes first. Alcohol is the number one killing drug. it kills more people than all drugs put together. this is a fact. Marijuana should absolutely be legal for recreational use. The government should grow top quality marijuana and sell it for taxes. but don't turn it into a hard drug by condensing it I am 100% against condensing marijuana and turn it into a hard hallucinogenic

Joe Smoo says:

I was stuck on stupid shooting heroin for almost all my adult life 40 years. I got clean 18 years ago if it wasn't for marijuana I don't think I would have gotten clean. marijuana saved me from going back to heroin. I would always relapse after a couple of months. this time after a couple months of being clean off of heroin I decided to try some pot instead. I've been clean over 18 years now because of marijuana this is a fact.
.the thing that pisses me off about this stupid dr. Oz. is he calls K2 a synthetic chemical formaldehyde calling it synthetic marijuana why do they call this hard drug K2 that has nothing whatsoever to do with MARIJUANA

Zach Kettell says:

Marijuana can also help those trying to recover from an opioid addiction

Matt Strang says:

Well most doctors are against it. Why cos they cant benefit from it, the pharmeceutical industry is loosing money. So they have to be against it

Fierce Family says:

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arthur Boric says:

Yeah Guyz, i use CBD for my chronic pain and anxiety, and let me tell you something … IT WORKS !!!
It is so much good ! i LOVE CBD !
i got some friends, US Veteran… THEY DAMN LOVE CBD !!!!
life savior plants !
only issue is to get the product in europe….
I found http://www.plantandhemp.com and they are perfect for me, lot of choice and the website is smooth…

Thanks for all, and share the CBD love !

e v says:

Add Kratom and any other plant based substance. Admittedly, I'd have to see multiple studies from independent sources to believe.

Momma Bears Corner says:


Momma Bears Corner says:

FDA, getting millions from pharmaceuticals to BAND IT vs pain killers. THAT is the real crime!!!! i lost my parents to drunk driver! MEDICAL POT in USA is just right and the gov NOT ALLOWING IT IS CRIMINAL…. its natural and should be and WITHOUT GOV GOUGING or allowing RX companies TO GOUGE SICK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MMANiNjA says:

anyone that says weed is bad just hates on it because they learned wrong about it.

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