Bruno Mars | Feb 2 | Super Bowl 2019

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Bruno Mars | Feb 1 | Super Bowl 2019 | State Farm Arena Atlanta. Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest || Don’t call yourself a fan Bruno Mars unless you SUBSCRIBE LIKE COMMENT AND SHARE this video and keep waiting for the next Bruno Mars concert tour in this channel.


Bamang Tapum says:

Love the way to keep your shoe clean. I am your one of biggest fan in India ( Arunachal Pradesh) try to come in India if you have a interest

Diane Worthy says:

Bruno got that peach fuss on his lip again, it makes him look older.
I guess phil is gone for good. It’s been almost a year.

Arlind Ismailaj says:

Hey guys i am a you vlooger on youtube that loves music if you want to see my versace on the floor cover just go too my youtube channel.If you do so i would be very thankful

rousiete silva says:

Brasil adoro bruno um dia vou te conhece .

Diane Worthy says:

His shows a basically the same , I love his energy he didn’t seem to have it this show, was good could have been better.

cphawaii says:

Was this concert open to the public or only to support bowl ticket holders? He gots a new look, haircut and mustache.

Vincienne Sapiano says:

Can we have a clip of it will rain, marry you, when he sang wake up in the sky in the middle of calling my lovelies plsssss

Alphonsa alphzz says:

Love u Bruno..♡♡♡

Ellie A says:

Who else thought he had a new song come out ?!!!!

Helena Roman says:

Bruno mars is back bbn on track

Jane Jiang says:


Patricia Fournier says:

What ballad is Bruno singing at 11:55 ???

juli victoria says:

Nice video, must multiple cameras recording simultaneously. Loved it! Bruno's performance is flawless from every angle ❤

juli victoria says:

Bruno is a class act to NOT perform for the NFL, & by wearing Nike apparel, as Nike supported Kaepernick's right to peacefully protest by hiring him as spokesperson, which in turn raised Nike's stockprice exponentially

Annette Walden Mason says:

Thanks for sharing, but nothing like seeing him live which we did in 2017 in Ohio.

juli victoria says:

Thank you for posting
And sharing the love

Arlind Ismailaj says:

Do you want to have some fun just watch bruno mars

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