Vladimir Putin promised that Russia is developing new intermediate range weapons

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Russia’s announcement comes just one day after the U.S. said it will withdraw from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty.


Matt Curley says:

Eliot Engel of New York is the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and if he really thinks that, then he isn't qualified to teach Kindergarten.. effing putz..

Paul Lorenzini says:

if you think they are not buddies, huh.

Paul Mittermaier says:

I am 10 years old, why am i watching this?

infamous4141 says:

They do this for public moral since Putin has no political power from other foriegn policies he says this is a new weapon or do the opposite of what the US is doing to gain trust from there peeps and for that and riding a horse bare chested we love him again. Good stuff

Jack Dudley Austin Jr. says:

Putin is a crazy MF. If I was him I would be trying to stop the many nuclear submarines the U.S. has with Moscow's name on them. I do not give a shix how many super fast missiles this crazy lying SOB has because he will be blown to where he belongs in hell if he decides to attack the U.S. FUXK PUTIN AND FUXK RUSSIA.

Sky Web says:

Russia has an answer to American exceptionalism!

Samuel Lepage Chenard says:

The U.S. is getting out of the nuclear treaty what do you think they are gonna do.. play stupid games win stupid prizes

Despierta Mexico says:

The US shouldn't have messed with Russias friends. Stupid Trump. You will get you're ass kicked by both Russia and China. You fail to realize that a combination of these 2 countries can eliminate most of you're country easily. I feel sorry for a lot of our American neighbors that have always wished the US would only mind to themselves. Because of stupid politicians our American neighbors are subject to the consequences of great countries like Russiaa, China and others.

Burglar of fur safes says:

Don't wory, russian oligarchs, included Putin are keeping money in the US and EU banks. So when they threat with nucs it is the same like if they would pool out their dicks and threat to hit it with hummer…


Mr. Putin you're eating to high on the hog.

Lulu monkiD says:

Uhhhhh bio weapons are silent but deadly heyyyy

aluisious says:

God this video is stupid. "Tsunami drone" doesn't have shit to do with this treaty.

Anony Mous says:

Trump is about to declare a national emergency
Enact martial law
Censor the media
Get us into a war with Russia… guess who wins? Hint: It's not US.

D. D. says:

Impeach the MFing traitor before we all die.

Андрей Kuznetsov says:

The world should unite and take the battleground to Russia. Time to delete that cesspool of criminality from the map.
The Russian so called government is an international crime syndicate.

Rafaelpop50 Sousa says:

os americanos querem mandar no planeta como se fosse um deus a Rússia deviA acabar com os Estados Unidos só assim o mundo teria paz

PowerUnknown says:

Hey russia why don't you work on your economy and helping your people instead of making weapons. Most your country is poor and terrible. I know the United states is doing the same but we have more money to play with. No one is going to attack you. Theres no winners in a nuclear war.

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