How ‘AI Farms’ Are At The Forefront Of China’s Global Ambitions | TIME

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As China’s economy slows and rising wages make manufacturing less competitive, the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is turning to technology to arrest the slide. Strategic technologies such as AI are a key focus.
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How ‘AI Farms’ Are At The Forefront Of China’s Global Ambitions | TIME


Curry Body Odor says:

AI in India is most advance in the world. It surpassed US and China.

na na says:

Do you want to try an unhollywood sci-fiction? Try <The Wandering Earth>

Leon Goo says:

Prospect of his job: in a few years, the AI's will be well-trained enough to take over most of the factory jobs, he will be out of work and try to steal something in the streets, and caught by the very AI he helped training. Real dope shit!

划痕海归 says:


Lil Green Kitty says:

He's helping the software that will take over his job.

Alex Mercer says:

Your fake news may be subtle, but the country is progressing in technology because it can and would've either way, not because of your usual propaganda about its economy.

sarah razi says:

USA makes AI and sci-fi movies but China makes them a reality.

Don Wheeler says:

AI will be the end of humanity. I’m glad they only make chump change for what they do. His work will eliminate his own job. Chinese are clueless as to what their creating.


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Liang Lei says:

@1:08 – The guy said he earns a max of RMB6000 and an average of RMB3000+ a month, but the subtitle states $894 and $447 respectively (I'm assuming USD but its not specified). Just my opinion but this could possibly be misleading for people who don't speak Chinese, are unfamiliar with USD:RMB exchange rates or the average cost of living in that part of China?

Dennis Fu says:

What are we doing, bombing & try to destroy others. They try innovate

To Be Honest says:

Chins are immoral

Conscience Observer says:

The trade war is destroying China. To think….the USA can put on ALOT more tariffs and totally ruin their economy.

apple-sauce says:

Supervised learning!

ModelTrainAddiction says:

800 a month….

Justin says:

China is falling apart.

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