First Shake Shack in China: What do the Chinese think of it?

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Shake Shack has been doing a brisk business on the Chinese mainland, days after the famed American burger chain opened for business in Shanghai on January 24, 2019. Queues snaked the block as enthusiastic customers waited for more than an hour to get into the restaurant to sample a menu that’s already been a hit in Hong Kong. The franchise has even been limiting customers to three burgers per visit to try and prevent touts from reselling the hamburgers and drinks to those waiting outside.


Keith Lee says:

I hate it when channels say Chinese people as there are other countries that have Chinese people when they are referring to people about people from China I get so insulted especially when it is about something bad about the Chinese

Sarah Marie Sarmiento says:

Do they call it "Xieik Chak"?

김한솔 says:

ching chang chong buger

Richard Yang says:

Dear Chinese brothers and sisters,

Unless those countries respect Chinese and our businesses, stop spending money on their products and services.

sunnydays DDT says:


puma jin says:

Are you asking to us?

Chimi Chanka says:

communists coverted

SuperAluminum says:

shake shack actually paid people to do that

C r gun Gun says:

Shake shack never heard of it!

jojoinhere says:


Ash Navarrete says:

They think of imitating it….

Hannah Zhao says:

IN N OUT is better. Shake Shack is over priced D:

Jazzmin Maspero says:

Really u r gonna open up burger joints after I leave????!!

henry kong says:

Sorry to say…Shake shack is still better in NYC…Hands down

Animato says:

Title: What do Chinese people think of Shake Shack

Video: Western guy critiquing the line

gthreesix says:

I learned that the queue was amazing, but the burger wasn't worth mentioning at all.

Jia Hong Situ says:


Kekmeister says:

What shock me the most is that they actually queued instead of pushing people in front of the counter.

Madhu says:

only 24 more outlets in 10 yrs
they are slow af

Poconosgiant says:

Another junk food

Richard Yang says:

Chinese burgers are way better. Rou Jia Mo is the best. Why buying anything from USA with all the insult against Chinese ?

Satan see says:

chinese people loved to follow US.. first, they like to copy US tech, now they want to copy US obesity . im guessing the next one will be copying US laziness

GTR life says:

Just your typical greasy fattening American burger. Dont eat too much you might start looking like them.

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