Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford FULL testimony

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The U.S. Senate committee hears from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused him of sexual assault. To read more:

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Sayonara Sunday says:

Sorry, but the terrified little girl act is a bit much for a 53 year old woman talking about being drunkenly groped at a party 37 years ago. Brett Kavanaugh also definitely downplayed his drinking and degenerate behavior as a HS/College Student.

Annihilate3275 says:

Liars on this level should be made an example of. That also goes for the loser scumbags who aided and abetted her.

Annihilate3275 says:

He audacity of this witch to think she could get away with lying to America and the world. I hate her.

NickInfante1992 says:

A better question senators and the FBI should be asking Christine Ford was how much was she being paid to smear Brett Kavanaugh and who else was in on this smear campaign as well.

Leo Nards Bro says:

This turned from "he tried to grope me awkwardly when we were teenagers." to "HE'S A RAPIST AND DESERVES TO BE IN JAIL FOR LIFE!!!"

Mary Chela says:

There is always two point of view of every history unfortunately we aren’t in their shoes to know the true … it is sad … I think some times men are the bad … others women take advantage from men weakness… at the end we are all guilty because ignorance doesn’t excuse us to make mistakes… in the other hand it is not fear for those who trust the evil mind and get to pay for it … so all we can do is learn from others mistakes and our own mistakes so we don’t have to be in thy situation, never leave te guard down… even when things apparently look super good keep your eyes open … good luck everyone

William Miller says:

In the thumb nail for this video you used the most unflattering captured frame you could for Kavanaugh and the most flattering captured frame for Ford. Hmmmmm.

VTwin Builder says:

Crazy Blasey Ford is clearly a man.

gtrevino2006 says:

Oh by the way. It's okay to be white and I'm Mexican holmes

Then ThereWere says:

Just scoot up to the mic you dinghead woman.

Luis Martinez says:

Did you also observe how he dodged getting the fbi or police to investigate. He kept saying "whatever the council will decide." Do you understand why he kept saying that? Let me give you a wake up call.
The Republicans are running the show. They are the ones who decide when, how, who, and why to have there. They have already made up their mind. This is just to pretend that something was done about it.
Mr chairman is such a hypocrite and puppet. He has lost his morals and ethics. Why? He does what is Republican, and not what is right. Just like you. You dislike the woman. You accuse her. She came out because she has morals and ethics. She also knew and said it at the beginning that it would most likely be a waste of time. The train is headed it's direction and will continue she said. But she still did it.
Let me leave you with this: Kavanaugh denies everything, even knowing Judge. His calendar had Judge's name in there. His calendar also had the "devil's threesome" written there. His calendar was very clear. But, Republicans made sure that it would go nowhere and so did you!

Luis Martinez says:

I would love to see him put the polygraph test and answer the questions that Ms Mitchell is asking.

Luis Martinez says:

He barks and barks. He is here to tell the truth? Then why didn't he take the lie detector test….because he is full of it… admissible or not….he is full of it…and is denying it all. This only means he has not changed. He was and will always be a horrible human being.

Luis Martinez says:

The lie detector test. Look how Mr. Chairman pretends to be deaf. It's all about the polygraph test. The judge did not take it. Mr. Chairman is a republican puppet. All they need is to have Kavanaugh take the test. End of story. In fact, it was end of story when he refused to take it.

Luis Martinez says:

Here is some enlightenment to some of you. I came across this comment in the live chat: "​It’s possible to find self-acceptance and forgiveness, between both parties, and concede that both people could’ve grown and changed over the last 30+ years. Where is that?" Here is the answer: He is still lying. He did not submit to a lie detector test and he is a judge. Has he changed? She on the other hand, sees the values and moral duty to stop someone like him from becoming a supreme court judge.

Luis Martinez says:

Obviously those comments show people don't like this woman or are Trump supporters. You are completely missing the issue.
This is what the 33% of voters are like. If you think this is a leftist or rightist issue, then you are a moronist…

Luis Martinez says:

Just ask yourself. Did he submit to a lie detector test? Did he submit to a lie detector test? There is your answer.

Mason Freer says:

I'm not gonna say whos innocent but the fact that she waited for more than 3 decades to tell her story won't help her case.

nyc mubi photography says:

Frigging liar Mrs Ford, guess where Mr Kavanaugh is now: right, in the Supreme Court!!!

Tony Treloar says:

She is such a lying c.nt.

Christine Sage says:

Yes, let's discuss American Standards for young and old mens behavior shall we, and the $17,000,000, slush fund that Congress used to pay-off its own sexual abuse victims!!

Penokom Peach says:

1. Polygraph tests are not admissable in court. This test is not a test of falsehood it registers physiologically measurable data that can correlate to anxiety and other behaviors observable when lying. This "evidence" should not carry the wait the democratic committee members are insinuating.
2. Contrary to her "not being on trial", the entire point of this hearing is to gauge the validity of Dr. Ford claims while considering her motivations and credibility against Kavanaugh 's right to presumed innocence. I do not understand why the democratic committee members spent most of their time grandstanding some social condemnation of sexual assault, glorifying Dr. Ford's courage, re-hatching the same points about FBI investigation, and closing with anecdotal articles that do not contribute anything when they are thrown in as an after thought. They did not ask her any questions that were relevant; one questions that had to do with how she was feeling at the moment or for her opinion on things. If you are questioning a witness you actually have to ask questions… and if you are putting articles on the record you need to provide proper context for why they are relevant (not just name drop them unceremoniously as you step off a soapbox).

Object to sworn statements of Dr. Fords witnesses, but place random articles with no context on the record? That is dubious and nonsensical. The only witness placing the accused and the defense in the same place is the accuser herself. When she brings up other witnesses who go on to make statements that counter act her claims, if this is to removed from evidence then there is no evidence to place Kavanaugh at the event except for Ford's testimony. Removing it from evidence ccreates more questions, not answers them. The entire point of this hearing is to get answers, why would one deliberately without information in the pursuit of truth?

3. Now is not the time to point fingers anymore about the FBI investigation…the witness is in front of the committee now
4. Ms. Mitchell did a very nice job! She laid ground work and then asked increasingly probing questions. Despite her having to stop so the other party had a chance to "question" she did very well at building a case while she questioned Dr. Ford.

allen D says:

brett has been spoiled and pampered as a young boy and then he went to yale and his ego got bigger then he worked for the president of the united states and it got bigger and then he was a federal judge. don't u think he thinks he is above a whole bunch of folks in the world. i do

allen D says:

who cares what u did in high school. who remembers. Especially if it is 40 years later and it wasn't any more than grinding yourself on some chic. Oh how the teen agers of america must be laughing. hell, they have been grinding on one another since the 6th grade.

Patrick Morand says:

Ford is kavanaugh.

Patrick Morand says:

They look identical. But don't trust the obvious , trust the media and government.

allen D says:

this is fascinating. who do u believe. it's like a football game. who do u want to win. I would not believe any of these folks. would u?

mark Landis says:

this woman will be haunted by her lies for the rest of her life.

damien Smith says:

Kavanaugh played ford. This is him in drag.

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